At Mountain Waters, we offer you an enriched learning environment of beauty, sacredness and connection to nature. Our intention is to be the place where the aspiration you feel for growth, change and a deeper connection to yourself, is met by a program you take and by  something you discover inside yourself while you are here.

We offer you the opposite of distraction. Stillness, deep learning and a space that welcomes your authenticity, whether that means joy, tears, or some other form of your Awe-some-ness. Mountain Waters is where the longing for embodied presence becomes anchored in experience.

Often this can mean taking the time to looking clearly at what stands in the way of the full expression of your life. People come here to help navigate important life transitions. To shift perspectives , to let go, or press “pause” and turn toward the quieter voice inside, that can guide the way forward.

Our Mission

Our aim is to a place that invites you to drop beneath the busy surface of life, with its strategies, goals and protections, and re-connect with who you are in essence. We aim to be an incubator of your personal growth, and the kind of self-empowerment that has you bringing your unique gifts to the world. Our intention is to be a place where this stepping fully into who you are, happens in both quiet little moments, and in bigger “aha” moments. And where you learn to carry this new embodied way of being with you when you return home.

Richard and Yogita

Who We Are

My name is Richard, and together with my wife Yogita, I invite you to join us for a retreat experience that inspires self-exploration, rejuvenation, peace, and well-being.

We have lived on this special piece of land, known as the old Svoboda farm, above Nelson for 24 years. Svoboda means freedom in the Slavic languages of Eastern Europe. It is here that Yogita and I raised our five children. Where I built the structures that have become the Retreat Centre, tended to the forestland, grown food in the Garden. This has been a labor of love, to be rooted and belong to this place in a reciprocal exchange of giving and receiving. I find myself nourished by the land, and the relationships I get to develop with our Retreat Center guests, and by the creative process of making everything we do fold into the beauty of our natural surroundings.

We work to create a culture and environment for the people who work here at Mountain Waters that is rewarding and alive. Our caretaker, James, lives in a tiny house by the massage studio. He is a big part of the care and attention that is brought to the experience of being at Mountain Waters. We want our guests to be comfortable, and at the same time connected to nature, and so we have worked to invite the elements that surround us into every aspect of the experience we offer you. The food grown from the soil built up over the years from what is left on the plate of guests long gone.  Our intention all along has been to create an integrative health and wellness experience that supports each of our guests to access their own felt experience of wellbeing.

I find that place myself in nature, lying on the forest floor watching the way the sun filters through the canopy of the forest, or listening to the sounds of Hermitage Creek as it bubbles down the mountainside behind the lodge.

I notice that there is a particular kind of nourishment that our guests receive when they experience the beauty and stillness of our surroundings. It’s as if people get to step off the treadmill of busyness and take the time they need to connect the dots between their inner experience and the way they wish their life to unfold on the outside. I believe that when we stop and pay attention, we begin to notice what makes us feel fully alive.