We are fortunate to be able to provide you with a incredible team of therapists working at our Retreat Center. Our team is led by Yogita Bouchard, who has over 20 years of experience that she brings to each of her treatment sessions. Our bodies hold the truth of all of our life experience and bodywork is a powerful way to access this truth,  and to release stress and held emotion from the body. Bodywork makes us feel good in our bodies, and reminds us of the warm nourishment that comes from human touch. Cost per hour : $90. 


Yogita Bouchard works at The Sanctuary Wellness, doing Therapeutic Myofoascial, Massage and Somatic Relational Therapy. She has completed a 2200 hours massage therapy training at MHVicars School of Massage Therapy, extensive Myofascial training with John F. Barnes, a four-year course of studies in Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy with master teachers Ron Kurtz and Jon Eisman, and a 2 year Relational Somatic Training amongst other studies. She was the original founder of Mountain Waters Spa and operated it for 12 years. She has taught and worked in many various settings. Yogita has studied the science of Yoga for seven years. She is a co-facilitator in various offerings at Mountain Waters Retreats and co-facilitates small women’s gatherings. She brings care, passion and a deep sense of reverence to her work. She has a passion for nature, the outdoors and allowing the deep Mystery to unfold. 


Michelle R. Johnson, CHHP, RYT, MQP has been practicing massage, yoga & Qigong since 2005. Her work has taken her to the mountains at heli-ski lodges and to remote fly-in lodges on the BC Coast. Her modalities include: Deep Tissue & Sports Massage, Acupressure and Relaxation Massage, Oriental Bodywork Therapy which includes Jin Shin Do and Medical Qigong. When not working she is most likely enjoying the outdoors with her son, Julien.
Sara Fujibayashi, R.Ac has been practicing acupuncture and massage since 2001. She completed a diploma in TCM at Nelson’s Academy of Classical Oriental sciences in 2000. Since graduating, she has enjoyed a private practice and has also worked at a number of internationally known wellness retreats and backcountry ski destinations. Her intention is always to be present with each client, to listen and assess with her experience and knowledge, and ultimately come together with a beneficial treatment plan. Sara offers various forms of massage, these include deep tissue, swedish style, acupressure, acupuncture, reiki, tui na (TCM massage).  Sara’s treatments are deeply relaxing, stress relieving and will provide you with relief from pain and discomfort. She looks forward to meeting you and is thankful for every opportunity to assist in your personal wellness path.


Catherine Lummiss has been practicing Rebalancing Massage for over 20 years and was certified by Clearheart Bodywork in Nelson BC. Rebalancing is a compilation of several massage modalities and can be described as a massage meditation which integrates presence and self awareness with breath. Muscles are freed from tension and joints regain their graceful mobilization by using techniques such as relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, accupressure, rocking, compressions and expansions along with stretching and joint release. At the core of every treatment, Catherine specializes in cranial, spinal, sacral, and facial massage. Her approach provides an opportunity for clients to connect deeply with their inner self while inviting warmth and nourishment into the body.