Who We Are

My name is Richard, and together with my wife Yogita, I invite you to join us for a retreat experience that inspires self-exploration, rejuvenation, peace, and well-being.

Since building Canada’s first Watsu pool 17 years ago, Yogita and I have followed an intention. This intention is to create an integrative health and wellness experience that supports each of our clients to access their own felt experience of well-being.

I find that place of well-being in nature, lying on the forest floor watching the way the sun filters through the canopy of an old forest, or listening to the sounds of Hermitage Creek as it makes its way down the mountain behind our lodge.

I notice that there is a particular kind of nourishment that our guests recieve when they experience the beauty and stillness of our retreat environment. It’s as if people get to step off the treadmill and take the time they need to connect the dots between their inner experience and the way they want their life to unfold on the outside.  I believe that when we pay attention, we begin to notice what makes us feel fully alive. It is this same attention that all of us at Mountain Waters bring to our guests at the Retreat Centre.