May 24, 2012 – May 28, 2012 all-day
Mountain Waters Retreat Centre
Svaboda Rd
$1880 Private/$1680 Shared
Angela Ditch780-882-2664E-mail

In this vital BreathLIGHT 1.1 Training Course, participants will assimilate the foundational life path keys in,“The He-Art of facilitating a Crystal Helix BreathLIGHT Session.” Intending to facilitate or simply invigorate your practice, the BreathLight 1.1 Training is an in-depth practicum loaded with activation tools & nurturing keys for the loving & dynamic presence within.

BreathLIGHT 1.1 is a foundational course based on Mikael’s personal 15 years discovering the Infinite Light through the Breath.  Through Yogic Pranayama to Tibetan Lung exercises to the vast array of Transformational Breath Techniques, Mikael is thrilled to be offering the FIRST of THREE Course Trainings on his unique DivineJoy imprint on the Transformational BreathLight Process.

In General, whether you are new to the breath process or an avid breath yogi junkie, this course will provide a holistic heart pathway to igniting a personal empowered commitment to the Breath as a way to comprehending, assimilating, and applying the Light of Pure Source Consciousness into your every-moment life.

In addition to the THREE Course Trainings (BreathLIGHT 1.1, BreathTANTRA 2.2, & BreathMASTERY 3.3), Participants will also integrate these SIX baseline tools:

  • 1. Power of Sound to personally activate, release, integrate, balance, and awaken multi-dimensional consciousness
  • 2. Love of Colour to understand the therapeutic value of messages, meanings, & directives for the soul’s journey through rainbow colour awareness.
  • 3. Wisdom of Somatic Movement to assist the physical vessel to fully align & ground the subtler energy bodies (emotional, sexual, mental, psychic, and spiritual)
  • 4. Universal Language of Sacred Geometry to completely communicate with one’s enviroment enabling one to truly listen, manifest, and co-create with the Infinite Cosmos.
  • 5. Anchoring of Crystal Energy by downloading how to create a personal mesa (altar) with the Five Elementals, Directions, and Planet Earth Gaia.
  • 6. Assimilating Radiant Health Nutrition by applying juicy & practical ways to purify, cleanse, detox and nurture the physical body temple on a daily moment to moment basis.

In 1.1 Training, the manual practicum will also cover the following
BreathLIGHT Keys:

  •  The He-Art of facilitating a Crystal Helix BreathLight Session
  • Living Holographically in a 3 –D world
  • Six Sheaths (Subtle Body Awareness)
  • Activating the Expanded Light Body
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Levels, Steps, Components, & Areas of the Body
  • Five Elements of a BreathLight Session
  • Affirmations, Invocations, & Leverage
  • Four Elemental Warm Up Movements
  • Session Outline
  • Essential Points to remember while facilitating a Crystal Helix Breathing Session

“My BreathLIGHT experience with Mikael was one of the most powerful moments in my life!  It was probably the most unbelievable connection I have ever made with the boundless power and infinite energy available to human beings in the realm of the physical body.”
~ Luke G.  San Francisco, CA

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