May 23, 2016 @ 4:00 pm – May 29, 2016 @ 1:00 pm
Mountain Waters Retreat
Private Room $1825 Shared Room $1645 Camping $1545
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500mandala editThis six day experiential seminar will examine the sources of addiction in our individual histories and in our culture, and connect us with the inner wholeness which is the final and only answer to addictive drives. Participants are supported to experience genuine self acceptance, and move forward in their lives in healthier, more authentic ways.

How we define addictions:

An addiction is “any behaviour that we engage in on an ongoing basis that causes harm to ourselves or the people that we care about. Behaviours that we are unable to stop.” This definition is a big tent that many of us can find a place within.
Addictions are self-destructive patterns of thought and behavior,that are rife throughout our society. From the respectable compulsions of the professional workaholic to the disease-inducing habits of the street junkie. All addictions originate from a place of deep-seated emotional pain and an unbearable sense of spiritual loss.

This retreat is for:

Participants who are currently struggling with addictions in their lives as well as counsellors, therapists and support workers addressing addictions in a professional capacity. This retreat is not meant for active substance users. It’s intended to be a source of rich personal learning and renewal for all participants.

IMG_0933This groundbreaking seminar incorporates:

  • the brain science of addiction
  • guided self-exploration
  • interactive group exercises
  • indigenous teachings
  • yoga practice & instruction to work with addictive impulses
  • meditation & mindfulness practice
  • one integrative bodywork session

The program includes indiginous healing techniques plus a facilitated group process designed to help participants integrate the full benefit of their experience. Organic, gourmet meals and accommodations are provided in a secluded mountain retreat facility.

Additionally, there will be indigenous Medicine Wheel teachings focusing on being in the “right relationship” with what is often referred to as the “hungry ghost” of addiction.

The retreat will be led by Dr Duncan Grady and supported by a team of gifted health practitioners.




Dr. Duncan Grady’s professional experience includes over 20 years of post secondary education and 36 years of counselling and psychotherapy in the fields of addictions, trauma, death and dying. He has a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and a Doctorate of Divinity specific to Creation Spirituality. He is an elder of the Circle of Indigenous Nations Society, West Kootenay’s, BC. He currently co-leads retreats, works with communities impacted by lateral violence and provides training and consultation using western and non-western approaches to health, well-being, spirituality, trauma and dying and death.


  1. Hello Richard!

    A blast from the past here … I have a friend who I am helping to refine a plan for his addiction. I am looking at a couple of ‘medicine retreats’ with the ‘indigenous teachings’. I am also dialoguing with Gabor, whose retreat in Yelapa is not until November. Meanwhile Gabor suggested, and highly praised, Duncan’s retreat!

    My friend Kenny lives in New York City, and is completely open to traveling west for this, and is interested in beginning his healing asap in a ‘structured way’ so to speak. I am wondering if the May retreat still has space, and also when the next one with Duncan might be?

    Deep thanks, my friend!

    With LOVE! ~~~ Nancy

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