May 18, 2012 @ 9:00 am – May 19, 2012 @ 6:00 pm
Mountain Waters Retreats
Svaboda Rd
Private room $515 Shared room $460
Samantha Jennings604-563-6320E-mail


Ohm Therapeutics™ is built on the understanding that musical tones assist healing, and that appropriate frequencies promote the flow of energy (Qi) in and around the body. As a result, the pathways for Qi are restored, energy blocks are removed, and health & wellness can be regained.

Learn how to incorporate sound into your healing practice with Ohm Therapeutics™. In this two-day class, Samantha Jennings will demonstrate therapeutic applications of the Ohm Tuning Forks and Tibetan Singing Bowls on

the body, including traditional acupuncture points, trigger & reflex points, bone, muscle & tendons to help tonify Qi, move stagnant energy & relieve pain.

You will learn to work with resonance using the Ohm Unison, Ohm Octave and High Frequency Ohm Tuning Forks. Because the body responds to vibration & the Ohm tone, directing the vibration with tuning forks in a therapeutic setting is an ideal complement to massage, acupressure, acupuncture, cranial sacral, polarity therapy, chiropractic & other bodywork methods.

Students will take home 1 comprehensive study guide for future reference. This course fulfills requirements for continuing education hours for Chinese Medicine Practitioners and is also applicable to massage therapists and anyone else interested in alternative healing modalities.  For persons  continuing on and taking Samantha’s Five Elements course on May 20-21 an additional discount of $200 is being offered for persons enrolling in both courses. In addition, persons living in Nelson  who do not wish to stay up at the Retreat Center can pay tuition only course fees.

Student attending this course will also need the following Course Requirements:
2 Mid Ohm Tuning Forks ~ $88
1 Low Ohm tuning Fork ~ $55
1 Practitioner Activator ~ $42
Sound Healing: Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks, Book & DVD ~ $33
Course Tools must be pre-ordered with the instructor & pre-paid.

Total $218 + HST 26.16 = $244.16

Samantha Jennings is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sound Healer & Educator. She began studying Sound Healing with Marjorie de Muynck, creator of Ohm Therapeutics™ in 2000 and teaches in North America & internationally. Samantha incorporates Sound Healing into her practice of spiritually based acupuncture & acupressure, and offers instruction in Ohm Therapeutics & Classical Five Elements.

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