July – September 2015

Stirring The Cauldron
5:00 pm – July 5, 2015 @ 1:30 pm

Stirring your Cauldron – a sexuality workshop for the whole woman

This retreat is for women of every age, orientation, gender and lifestyle who want to taste the full energetic potential of their earthly erotic body. Sexual energy, when allowed to flow freely through the body, offers a more fulfilling, connected and sensuous life, whether we are in relationship or not. The purpose of nurturing this energy is to strengthen our Chi – life energy – for healing purposes, erotic autonomy, and deep sacred playfulness and creativity.


In celebration together we will support each other to let go of old outdated ways of living in our body. We will learn to love and honour the body we live in by connecting with each other, our ancestors, the great earth within through breathing and moving, reflecting and sharing, as well as learning gifts from the tantric and taoist ancient skills to enliven us.

Kilcoesheela1aWhat emerges is what is true for each woman in each given moment, an awareness of rhythm and flow between above and below, between inner and outer and among and a recognition of energy in motion and what we do to stop this flow. In an atmosphere of consensuality, confidentiality, kindness and good humour, women will have the opportunity to experiment with erotic states of being.

Embodied Erotic living is often dammed by barriers of shame, tension, anxiety and old beliefs. We respect these states as they emerge to be seen and make sure that each woman’s individual space is honoured and given time to integrate. What flowers is the liberation of the inner landscape of each of us, so that the creative winds of eros can be freely known and danced with no matter what life presents.

Photo-from-Elfis-portraitsElfi (Emaya) Dillon-Shaw  is a Bodyworker and Somatic Sexuality Educator with many years’ experience. She leads sexuality education retreats for women and mixed gender, for single and partnered individuals. Her work includes body, mind and heart and is a “hands on” approach to teaching. Her goal is to help each person to open to their own erotic nature, to enrich their bodily life and enliven their relationship to self and others and life itself. She welcomes clients in her private practise in her community and also teaches internationally. She has been with the Body-electric School since 1998 and is a faculty member of the Haven Institute on Gabriola Island.

For more information about this retreat, please call Elfi at 1-877-247-9504. To register or enquire about accommodations or meals please call Richard at Mountain Waters 1-888-352-6081.

Mindfulness Meditation: A Buddhist Path to Happiness, Love & Awakening @ Mountain Waters Retreat Centre
4:30 pm – July 30, 2015 @ 1:30 pm

We are capable of great wisdom, boundless love,  true compassion , and deep-seated ease. And yet all to often our human experience is clouded by painful moods, mental compulsions, addictions, and difficult psychological scripts from the past.

For thousands of years, people have used Buddhist meditation as a way of training the mind and elevating consciousness to free themselves from anxiety, self-criticism, depression, and fear.

Spiritual practice is not about self-improvement, or attempting to fashion a life that is stable or predictable. Suffering is caused by the very demand that life be something other than it is. Instead of requiring life to be different, we can learn to let life live through, and as, us. Freedom and happiness lie in accepting this present moment, right NOW, exactly as it is. This moment is actually all we ever have. It is only NOW when we awaken from the trance of our separateness and realize our true, infinite nature.

Whether you have meditated for years, or are just setting out on your inner journey you will find this retreat informative, healing and liberating.


There will be instruction and practice in sitting and walking meditation as well as Dharma talks, movement meditation, opportunities to ask questions  and to receive individual guidance from Robert.

The retreat will occur in noble silence in a natural setting of great beauty and tranquility.

This 12 day retreat will give you ample opportunity to drop beneath the busyness of day to day life and reconnect with yourself in a deep and heartfelt way. This retreat is not an endurance contest, the teachings are both gentle and profound and this will be a time to finally offer yourself the love, care and attention for which you have always longed. For those who are unable to attend the full 12 day retreat there is a week long retreat option available. You will return to your life and your relationships rested, renewed and inspired. And you will bring with you the tools to maintain a balanced openness to all of your experience. There is no instructor fee for this retreat. Robert follows the ancient Buddhist tradition of not charging a fee for his teaching. Support for the teachings and his work is provided through the practice of Dana.




Robert Beatty is the founder and guiding teacher of the Portland Insight Meditation Community. He brings forty years of Buddhist Dharma practice and training in western therapies to his teaching and work with individuals. Robert is a member of the first wave of lay Theravada Buddhist teachers who brought Buddhism from Asia to America. Robert uses humor, poetry and drumming to teach meditation for everyday life, including intimate relationships, parenting, work, social engagement, and community.
Yoga Teacher Training @ Mountain Waters Retreat Centre
4:00 pm – August 21, 2015 @ 2:00 pm

Continue the learning adventure while you recharge and rejuvenate.

Join Kaitlin Armstrong & Pattie Dwyer on an Yoga journey that dives deep into the traditions of yoga but then carries it up and off the mat into everyday life. Yoga as our focus and medium, we will explore every layer of breath, body, mind and spirit reconnecting to our authentic selves and weaving them together to uncover our deepest heartfelt passions.



Kaitlin Armstrong
Kaitlin completed her 500 hour Moksha Yoga Instructors Training (Hatha and Iynegar based) in June 2012 to compliment her existing qualifications as an Exercise Physiologist and Holistic Health Practitioner.  She started doing yoga over 8 years ago in university and saw how powerfully life changing Yoga became in helping manage daily physical and mental stress as well as increasing overall happiness and well-being. Kaitlin’s yoga instruction is rooted in her passion for lifelong health and happiness. Kaitlin has been working with chronic illness management, rehabilitative programs as well athletics for the past 8 years in a variety of settings and loves to explore posture and body alignment in depth. As a happy hippy at heart, Kaitlin takes great pride in helping others find natural health and balance in their lives in a manner that is both inspiring and sustainable.



Pattie Dwyer
Pattie completed her 200 hour Teacher Training with the Sivananda Vedanta Centre in Kerala, India, and is currently receiving her 500hour Sivananda Training in Kutir, India based in the Himalayas. Pattie is also an a active performing artist, she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge and a Visual and Performing Arts Diploma from Keyano College.



Includes accommodations + meals for 14 nights/15 days

Includes accommodations + meals for 14 nights/15 days

This is a 100 hour intensive that allows you to deepen your yoga practice and dive into self discovery without committing to all the hours of teaching practicum and training. Here you will learn and play with In Balance alignment and lifestyle techniques for the modern yogi as well as uncover what yoga means to you and how your passion can be nurtured by a strong, healthy practice.

Save $300 if you register by May 1st, 2015

Tracing The Roots: A Yogic Vision Quest @ Mountain Waters Retreat Centre
4:30 pm – September 1, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

You are invited into a unique & sacred journey…

Returning to the stillness and solitude of nature as did the ancient Yogis,

We’ll explore a synergistic blend of the most powerful spiritual practices from Select indigenous wisdom traditions

Gathering with clear intention, engaging in sacred rituals

Under the sky and stars, and bonding in conscious community,

We’ll deepen our understanding and experience

Of who and what we truly are.


Join us as you are guided and supported by our experienced team through a

Solo Wilderness Vision Quest, Native American Medicine Wheel Teachings,

a Sweat Lodge Purification,

Asana & Pranayama, Yoga Nidra Meditations, Agni Hotra (Fire Rituals)

Shamanic Ceremonies, DreamWork and much more during this time of

Deep Self-Inquiry and Heart-Based Transformation.


This special event also qualifies as continuing education and/or a

100-hour module of a 300-hour advanced yoga teacher training

(‘RYT500’ with Yoga Alliance)

All Are Welcome—yogis and ‘non-yogis’ alike

$2200 all-inclusive price for this 10-day retreat

(quality accommodation, organic food, and skilled facilitation)

All prices in USD

For more information and registration:


email: info@schoolofsacredarts.net


Gather with our tribe of Native American wisdom holders, Yogis,

Wilderness Guides, Natural Medicine Doctors, Healers and Conscious Elders

iStock_000010224130Mats edit

Ready, Set, Love: A Couples Workshop
10:00 am – August 30, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

Almost all couples have had the experience of falling in love. Being able to “keep in love”, and keeping the relationship alive,  takes falling in love to the next level. Using mindfulness and compassion, this workshop will teach skills needed to sustain an energetic, healthy, respectful, and mutually rewarding relationship over time.

Often couples find themselves “stuck” – in relationships that have become too busy, too painful, or just too flat and empty.  The usual ways of trying to get out of these stuck places often become loops that keep couples from getting unstuck. Eventually one or both of the partners start to wonder if the relationship is worth saving, too often seeing the other as “the enemy”. Usually both just desperately want out of the pain.


Copy of iStock_000009679686Medium

Having the right tools and reconnecting to what is really important can change relationships profoundly.   Whether you are in crisis,  just stuck,  wanting to enrich what you already have, or are at the beginning of your relationship and want giudance to “do it right from the beginning”, this workshop will give you a practical  understanding of relationship dynamics and effective  tools to make your relationship the one you want.

This workshop will:
1.  Offer experiential exercises that will teach concrete skills to take home. It is an opportunity to stop doing what isn’t working, and to start doing something that will work.
2.  Provide an opportunity to have a different experience – to re-connect, to shift attitudes, and to learn different models of how to nourish and care for your relationship.
3.  Help you, if you are in crisis and trying to make a decision about the life of your relationship, by providing  models and tools to help you  use a different lens to filter your decision through, and by assisting you to connect to a deeper, wiser, and less reactive part of yourself to make that decision from.



Beth Falch-Nielsen is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer.   She has been in the counselling field for over  40   years and in private practice for 26 years.    Living in Vancouver,  with a private practice,  she teaches and supervises students in Edmonton and Calgary and is a guest trainer/ supervisor in Portland.   Working with couples is one of Beth’s specialities,  and using Mindfulness and experiential exercises to help couples have a different experience of what is possible and to connect deeply and really take in and be nourished by that connection,  is a major focus of her couples work. Beth lives in a co-housing eco viillage in the Fraser Valley and has found a way to be part of community, one of the things most important to her,  and have a good balance of rural life plus being close enough to Vancouver for everything that exciting city can offer.   She has two grown children and will soon be a grandmother.


DennisbiocropDENNIS H. BROWN, Ph.D., R.Psych.

∙ I am a psychologist, and a Certified Hakomi Teacher. I have been in private practice for over 25 years, working with individuals, couples, families, and groups. I am fascinated with the evolution of relationships. I really enjoy supporting couples as they transition through the phases and stages of their journey, helping them to find creative ways to navigate the challenges and paradoxes of relationship. I am continually looking for better ways to deal with these changes compassionately, gracefully, and non-violently. I am very happily married, and have two delightful daughters, two wonderful sons-in-law, and two enchanting grand-children. I enjoy both taking and leading couple’s workshops, and in my free time I like sailing, hiking, snorkelling, gardening, movies, live theatre, and delicious conversation.

Returning to one’s Ancestral Wisdom
5:00 pm – September 6, 2015 @ 4:30 pm

Returning to one’s Ancestral Roots for Healing

2In this time of so many changes to and on Pachamama (Mother Earth), we need to connect to the ancestral vision that has arrived. It is through our ancestral lines that we will be able to connect to Pachamama. We will find the tools and supports to continue living on this earth in peace and harmony. We will spend the weekend in ceremonies and healings with the intent of healing, ourselves and Pachamama.

5Luzclara is a Chilean Shaman from the Mapuche Indigenous tradition. She comes from a line of women shamans and resides in Chile. Luzclara is a knowledge keeper of one the ancient wisdom traditions and she shares this from the heart. Luzclara works with the energies of sound healing and many carries the instruments of ancient Peru and Chile such as the singing vessels, crystal bowls and other sacred instruments. She channels the energy of the Pachamama, the Goddess Energy of Mother Earth. She holds experiential ceremonies and workshops, featuring the Kultruns or scared drums of the Mapuche people. She is a wisdom teacher who brings together the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

Yoga Teachers Training Level 1 @ Mountain Waters Retreat
5:00 pm – September 19, 2015 @ 4:30 pm

The Heart Yoga Center  is offering a 200-hour Yoga Alliance recognized teacher certification, divided into three 6-day courses. Level 1 is suitable both for yoga students who wish to become Registered Yoga Teachers and for those who simply want to deepen their practice. Please note prices are for meals and accommodation only.

Yoga_group_LThis Heart Yoga Center teacher training  course is composed of three six-day intensive courses. These are suitable both for yoga students who wish to become Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance and for those who simply want to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga without necessarily wishing to teach yoga. This course is a profound integration of body, mind, heart and spirit, intended for yoga students of all levels who want to expand their experience of yoga as a spiritual practice and way of life. Upon completion of all three levels, students are eligible for certification and official registration with Yoga Alliance.IMG_6480

Set at the beautiful Mountain Water Retreat Centre, enhance your yoga experience with accommodations in the stunning retreat lodge, enjoy the numerous hiking trails leading into the 27,000 hectare West Arm Wilderness Park, and relax with gourmet meals and a hot tub.

Through an in-depth experiential investigation of our connection with the sacred energy of yoga, we will explore a wide range of topics, including:

  • Yoga Practices – asana (physical postures), pranyama (breathing awareness), and meditation
  • Yoga philosophy and psychology – Yoga Sutras, ethics, the body/mind connection
  • Anatomy of the body and the asanas, as well as esoteric anatomy
  • Teaching methodology- teaching and communication skills, assisting and adjusting, seeing and understanding bodies
  • Therapeutic Yoga – yoga for injuries (back, knee, shoulder, neck, etc), medical issues, psychological issues (i.e., anxiety and depression)
  • Yoga for a woman’s life cycle – yoga during menstrual cycle and menopause, prenatal and postnatal yoga
  • Creating a daily practice
  • Sequencing practice and classes
  • Practicum – practice teaching and observing

Reading and Independent Study:

Students will receive a Heart Yoga Teacher Training Manual on the first day of Level One. A list of recommended texts will be sent to you upon registration. These will include one book each on asana, yoga philosophy, and anatomy.

To support the depth of the transformation in this program, students will keep journals and write personal papers which will be opportunities for self-reflection. In this safe and inspiring environment, students will be supported to explore deeper connections with self, community, and spirit. We warmly invite you to join us as we explore together the heart and spirit of yoga.


Endorsements for Heart Yoga Teacher Training Program:

“This has been the greatest decision and adventure of my life. I feel so different inside and out…I am now positive that this was the right step for me in my life.” —Stephanie

“This course has given me the foundation for a lifetime of study.” —Tom

“During this course I feel that I have gained a real sense of the body as a temple and the asanas as prayers. Thank you for holding such a beautiful and sacred space for healing and centering. I’m so glad I came! ” —Leah

DSC_0706Karuna Erickson is a devoted yoga teacher as well as a psychotherapist, practicing in both fields since 1970. The focus of her work is the integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit. She is the director of the Heart Yoga Center, a registered yoga teacher training school with the Yoga Alliance. She has trained yoga teachers for over 20 years. She teaches yoga internationally, interweaving Sufi poetry and Buddhist practices of mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation. She leads annual retreats in Costa Rica, Canada, and Bali.

Karuna has assisted Rodney Yee in several of his yoga teacher training workshops and courses. She has taught many workshops, classes and retreats with Andrew Harvey. Karuna and Andrew have co-authored a book titled: On Fire: Heart Yoga, which has received outstanding reviews from teachers such as Caroline Myss, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, and Judith Lasater.

She draws upon her profession as a psychotherapist in her yoga teaching, to explore the union of body and mind. Her style of teaching is compassionate and heartfelt, and her students experience transformation on many levels. Karuna has lived in the mountains of British Columbia for over 35 years, and her teaching and practice are inspired by her love of the peace and beauty of the mountains.

Education and degrees:

  • B.A. cum laude, Psychology, Stanford University, 1968
  • M.S.W., Psychiatric Social Work, University of California, Berkeley, 1970
  • D. Min. (student) Wisdom University
  • Registered Counselor, Canadian Counseling Association
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher E 500 (experienced)
  • Interfaith Minister, Metaphysical Interfaith Church, 1998

Paul Erickson is a psychotherapist and meditation and yoga teacher, specializing in the integration of these healing practices. By interweaving these wisdom and heart teachings, their accessibility for body/mind healing is enhanced.IMG_1140

Along with his ongoing psychotherapy practice, Paul has taught many yoga teacher certification programs, yoga and meditation workshops and retreats, and communication and stress reduction workshops in Canada, the US, Bali, and Costa Rica..
He has been certified as a Community Dharma leader through a 2 ½ year training at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California. He has  attended extended meditation retreats at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA, Spirit Rock Meditation Center in CA, Hollyhock Retreat Centre in BC, Chaswa Monastery in Burma, and a retreat in Sri Lanka. Paul has studied with renowned Western Buddhist teachers including Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, Michelle McDonald and Steven Smith.
Paul is inspired by seeing the emotional and spiritual transformation in himself and others through the practices of these wisdom traditions. He has lived in the peaceful mountains of BC for over 40 years, raising a wonderful family and being nourished by the beauty and bounty of the natural world.

Healing with Addictions (September) @ Mountain Waters Retreat
4:00 pm – September 26, 2015 @ 2:00 pm

500mandala editThis six day experiential seminar will examine the sources of addiction in our individual histories and in our culture, and connect us with the inner wholeness which is the final and only answer to addictive drives. Participants are supported to experience genuine self acceptance, and move forward in their lives in healthier, more authentic ways.

How we define addictions:

An addiction is “any behaviour that we engage in on an ongoing basis that causes harm to ourselves or the people that we care about. Behaviours that we are unable to stop.” This definition is a big tent that many of us can find a place within.
Addictions are self-destructive patterns of thought and behavior,that are rife throughout our society. From the respectable compulsions of the professional workaholic to the disease-inducing habits of the street junkie. All addictions originate from a place of deep-seated emotional pain and an unbearable sense of spiritual loss.

This retreat is for:

Participants who are currently struggling with addictions in their lives as well as counsellors, therapists and support workers addressing addictions in a professional capacity. This retreat is not meant for active substance users. It’s intended to be a source of rich personal learning and renewal for all participants.

IMG_0933This groundbreaking seminar incorporates:

  • the brain science of addiction
  • guided self-exploration
  • interactive group exercises
  • indigenous teachings
  • yoga practice & instruction to work with addictive impulses
  • meditation & mindfulness practice
  • one integrative bodywork session

The program includes indiginous healing techniques plus a facilitated group process designed to help participants integrate the full benefit of their experience. Organic, gourmet meals and accommodations are provided in a secluded mountain retreat facilty.

Additionally, there will be indigenous Medicine Wheel teachings focusing on being in the “right relationship” with what is often referred to as the “hungry ghost” of addiction.

The retreat will be led by Dr Duncan Grady and supported by a team of gifted health practitioners.


Dr. Duncan Grady’s professional experience includes over 20 years of post secondary education and 34 years of counselling and psychotherapy in the fields of addictions, trauma, death and dying. He has studied and experienced Native ceremony for many years. He was raised in the Siksika/Sauk Blackfeet tradition. He uses various ceremonies/rituals taught by his people to bring concepts into direct experience. He has taught spiritual and clinical practices throughout North America and Europe. He is a retired post secondary educator and psychotherapist. He currently co-leads retreats and provides training and consultation using western and non-western approaches to health, well-being, dying and death.