• Private room – CAD $2,000.00
  • Couples/friends Private room – CAD $1,750.00
  • Shared Cabins – CAD $1,750.00

Date & Time Details: Please plan to arrive at Mountain Waters between 4.00-6.00 pm on May the 24th The Retreat will conclude at 1.00pm on May the 29th

Address: 2109 Svoboda Road, Nelson, BC

Sasha Cuff

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Circle Of Healing

May 24 - 29, 2017

After many years of passionate study, practice and devotion to the healing arts, we are thrilled to offer you this unique and rare opportunity to delve deeply into yourself, while also being held and immersed in a Circle of Healing. Three healers converge to offer you the powerful and dynamic culmination of their wisdom and experience, which harmonize and synthesize like three streams meeting to form a river of support for self-discovery and empowerment.

Blast out deep-rooted patterns, release unprocessed baggage, and discharge trauma energy from your system that could otherwise take years of therapy to resolve. Undertake an initiatory journey that unlocks and activates your inherent gifts. Meditations will be led by Blue Thunder Woman incorporating shamanic technologies designed to create a container for deep inner exploration.Transformative group process and integration circles will be facilitated by Alexandra Devi and Sasha.

Enormous benefits are possible when ancient shamanic practices are coupled with modern Western psycho-biological somatic healing methodologies. Together we will co-create an alchemical vessel that will assist in carrying us on our sacred journey through our wounding and into healing and wholeness.web-med-wheel2




The Circle of Healing is a seven week process , at the heart of which lies a five day residential intensive at Mountain Waters

Your 7-Week Package Includes:

  • Individual 30-minute pre-retreat consultation with Sasha and Devi
  • 60-minute preparation webinar with Sasha, Devi and Blue Thunder Woman  (Week1)
  • Expertly held 6-day Retreat Intensive (Week 2) Designed with a trauma-informed perspective to provide the greatest safety possible so you can surrender into this powerful and deep healing work. This will be an Intimate setting with 3 healers, plus three added assistents holding space for 15 participants
  •  The Retreat intensive Includes individual consultations with the facilitators. Beautiful accommodations including hot tub and delicious healthy meals
  • Five 90-minute weekly Group Integration Circles (Weeks 3-7) Following the Retreat intensive your intigration will be supported with an on-line group process that  helps you carry what you have learned  successfully into your life.
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Your Guides

Alexandra Devi follows a calling to understand the deepest roots of why we suffer illness, and how we heal; both individually, and collectively. This has led her to synthesize ancient wisdom practices with the most cutting edge psychotherapeutic and medical discoveries. She is is a QualifiedCertified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFM), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Instructor, and through UC SanDiego Mindfulness Based Professional Training Institute, and is certified through UMass Center for Mindfulness to teach the Interpersonal Mindfulness Program (IMP) (IMP).teacher. She is also a certified Relational Somatic Therapist (2014), and Shamanic Yoga Instructor (2012). . .  Dr. Devi is passionate about healing together – “we are wounded in relationship – we heal in relationship” – and she views this retreat is the most powerful offering to re-member our lost sense of belonging to a tribe where we each are respected and honoured for our inherent value as authentic beings, and where we can each contribute to one another’s wellness and happiness.

Sasha Cuff is thoroughly practiced in the art of communication with unseen intelligent beings. He weaves their compassionate and wise guidance into the therapeutic alliance. Sasha’s intuitive gifts open doors into essential realms of healing that are often unexplored through conventional therapies. His warm and kind nature engenders a safe space in which even the darkest of nights can be explored and liberated. Sasha’s patient presence allows deep wounding to come to the surface gracefully, and empowers people to heal themselves. Awakening your inner healer, he guides you through processes that teach you powerful self-healing approaches. Sasha has 15+ years of clinical experience and is a certified Relational Somatic Therapist. Sasha is the father of 3 boys and currently practices in Nelson, Vancouver and Kaslo, BC.

Blue Thunder Woman, through years of learning to straddle different worlds, weaves together time-honoured shamanic practices with modern, visionary materials and guidance. She holds degrees in Classical History & Philosophy (B.A., summa cum laude) and Religious Studies (M.A.), and has additionally studied with several indigenous, shamanic and metaphysical teachers since 1997. Her research interests are orientated around shamanic healing technologies and the therapeutic import of alternate and mystical states of consciousness, with a focus on the power of Sacred Song to build bridges between worlds. Her passion lies in the art and science of working with sacred ceremonial and magical plants, a field in which she has been a student and practitioner for more than a decade. Her work is imprinted by an evolutionary thrust that is grounded in an ancient and time-honored knowledge preserved and passed down by Earth-Stewards and Wisdom-Keepers through the millennia.DSCN1310


“The Circle of Healing Retreat with Devi, Sasha and Blue Thunder Woman is the best gift I have ever given myself. Within the sacred container of ceremony and group processing I was able to discover the truths behind some deeply rooted patterns in my behavior. The skillful guidance of the three healers and their supportive team helped me to integrate these truths into my being; not only through thought and contemplation but through profound perceptual and somatic experience. From my time in the retreat I have gained valuable tools for self-healing and personal growth, a deeper connection to my higher self, and a community of like-minded individuals for support and guidance.”  Megan

“To create an environment that encourages, soul searching, provides insights, and engages body and mind in a nurturing supportive environment – is a monumental task.  The “circle of healing” group have excelled in every way – guidance, stories, poems, music, circle work and much more to bring those seeking greater understanding of healing. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to enter a rich and resourceful process, to access their subconscious beliefs and allow the opportunity to alter those pathways leading to personal growth and more fulfilling existence.”   Ron

“The safety and healing presence offered by our guides was life-giving and essential to my growth as I encountered my most raw, vulnerable self.”  Dario

“The power of a circle of intentional healing will never be beyond my imagination again following our week together at the Spring 2016 retreat.  The group picture taken at Mountain Waters sits on my desktop at work.  This keeps me in a mindful state of the work we all did and shared during our time together there this spring.  I feel daily change and liberation from the confines of my thinking before the retreat.  Each person played a role in providing me strength and courage to face the demons of past generations and those created in this life.  I never want to forget where I came from but I do want to embrace what has emerged refreshed and transformed and is the basis of what is new in my future and I recognize the piece that each participant contributed.  As I move forward and integrate into my new reality I am so grateful for the amazing work that Sasha and Devi share as they gently guide us to greater awareness that enables us to be more authentic versions of ourselves.   The gifts just keep coming!!!”   Judith

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