Personal Healing Retreats

Flexible Dates

Personal Healing Retreats

At Mountain Waters we are offering ongoing opportunities to take personal healing retreats.

You may be experiencing a challenging time in your relationship, your work life, or with your mental-emotional-physical state.

Perhaps your are in transition, feeling stuck between what has been and  that which is yet to come, with the direction forward still  unclear .

Perhaps you have experienced loss and you are in a  time of grieving , wondering what is next and you’re not sure how to move forward.

gluns new yorker 118What life brings us can be challenging. And paradoxically, times of difficulty can also be tremendous opportunities  for personal growth and healing.

We live in a culture where one of the dominant myths is about  the value of self-reliance, Which implies we should all be able to figure things out on our own.   

The truth is that there are times when it is important to reach out for help. To receive  the support and guidance you need to move through difficult transitions. None of us is an island unto ourselves.

Our individual Healing Retreats are designed in consultation with you, and based upon  your own needs and circumstances. The intention is to help you identify and change the limiting beliefs and habits that block access to the place inside you that holds a lot of wisdom about your life. We will provide you with a strong foundation of tools and practices that will help you sustain and integrate the changes you wish to bring into being.

An individual healing retreat will help you let go of what is not working, and come to a new understanding of what you wish to welcome into your life so that you can move forward  in a new way.iStock_000009111641Medium

 Retreats will be  facilitated by both Richard Klein and Yogita Bouchard, depending upon participants needs and circumstances

Based upon an in depth intake conversation we will put together an individualized healing retreat program based upon the following elements.

  • *Hakomi Body Centred Psychotherapy
  • *Trauma based Relational Somatic Therapy
  • Meditation and Mindfulness practices
  • Yoga and body practices
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture and Chinese medicine
  • Nature walks into the West Arm Park.
  • Garden grown healthy meals
  • Life coaching
  • Personal time  for deep rest and restoration

Prices will be based upon your individual needs, treatment plan, and duration of stay. Pricing includes room and board as well as all elements of your personal healing retreat. For more information Call Richard at 250-509-0553 or email