• Private room – CAD $695.00
  • Shared Cabins – CAD $595.00
  • Camping spots – CAD $515.00

Date & Time Details: Please arrive between 4.00-6.00 pm on the first of the retreat Friday April 28th. We will conclude by 2.00 pm on May 1st the last day of the retreat.

Location: Mountain Waters Retreat Center

Address: 2109 Svoboda Road, Nelson, BC

Elfi Dillon-Shaw

Stirring The Cauldron

With Elfi Dillon-Shaw

April 28 - May 1, 2017

This program is for women of every age and lifestyle who want to taste the full energetic potential of their erotic (8) copy 2

A circle of women is a powerful cauldron for learning about the healing potential of sexual energy. By creating a consensual and relaxed container in time and space we can learn to let go into the pleasure of our body. We discover our deep innate wisdom when we commit to undergo the journey into the sensuous world of breath, movement and touch and liberate ourselves from messages of shame and guilt implanted in our flesh for generations. Heart, genitals and mind want to dance together in the awakened body to serve life.

Sexual energy flowing through the body allows for a more fulfilling erotic life, whether we are in relationship or not. The purpose of arousing this energy is to strengthen our Chi – life energy – for healing purposes, erotic autonomy, and just plain fun!

In celebration together we will support each other to let go of old ways of living in our body
Through exercises from the tantric and taoist traditions, we will experience the flow of sexual energy through the pathways of the body
In an atmosphere of consensuality and confidentiality, women will have the opportunity to experience themselves as sacred sexual beings. Knowing that erotic exploration can be fraught with barriers of shame, tension and anxiety, we respect these as each woman’s individual space is honoured.


Elfi Dillon-Shaw
  Elfi Emaya Dillon has led circles of erotic healing for many years for people of all genders. She is on the faculty of the Bodyelectric School and…
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