• Private room – CAD $975.00
  • Private with ensuite – CAD $1,050.00
  • Shared Cabins – CAD $875.00

Date & Time Details: Please plan on arriving between 4.00 - 6.00 pm on Wednesday May 17th for the start of the Retreat. Completion will be at 1.00pm on Monday May the 22nd.

Location: Mountain Waters Retreat Centre 2109 Svoboda rd Nelson BC

Address: 2109 Svoboda Road, Nelson, BC

Yogita Bouchard

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A Woman’s Way of Being

With Sharon Abbondanza and Yogita Bouchard

May 17 - 22, 2017

Most of us are striving for lives filled with meaning, thriving relationships and rewarding careers. Yet more and more women find themselves running on empty.

Mountain Waters Retreats - BuddahPursuing career success, taking care of family, home, and attending to relationships has left us with little energy or capacity to care for our health and deeper soul needs. How do we learn to stop and press “pause” and in doing so, discover a new way forward?

Many of us feel caught in an ever-tightening tangle of commitments and living in a digital age when work and distractions can come in at all hours, makes it hard to find the space for rest and renewal.

We’ve developed mindsets and habits of busyness in the pursuit of what we have come to believe is success. Like super woman this means stronger, faster and more powerful. Only life is not like that.

Mountain Waters Retreats - Womans Meditation


When the sum total of demands exceeds our regenerative capacity we end up stressed out, run down and facing a wall of chronic fatigue. Adrenal burnout and a host of other ways are our bodies saying, “Enough!”


This is not limited to busy moms. A woman can be retired, and still find herself pushing through the weight of habit and her own expectations to do more or be better.

Now more than ever, we’re living in a time that is calling us forth to live from the wisdom of our deep feminine knowing. A new place of internal balance. Where the wisdom of your body is accessed and honoured, your truth-sense and intuition is more available

Mountain Waters retreat - forest with lightThis five day retreat is a powerful step in creating and reclaiming your authentic woman’s way of being. Through a sacred honouring of women as sisters and our shared experience, you are invited to unwind the habits and beliefs that can hold you in a pattern of busyness and prevent you from taking better care of yourself.

We invite you to explore what it means to tap your unique feminine way of “being” in a way that it informs your way of “doing”. This is about creating a new congruence within yourself.  One that allows you to say no to what is unnecessary or can wait till later, and say yes your health and deeper soul needs.

In this retreat you will:

  • Uncover  the habits and beliefs that lock you in a constant cycle of fatigue
  • Learn to feel into your own body’s wisdom and soften your nervous system response to stress
  • Develop self care practices to reclaim your health and spirit
  • Connect with a community of other women on the path to greater well being
  • Return home with you own plan to integrate habits that nurture you.
  • Immerse in nature

During your time with us you can expect to be held in a safe space that welcomes you back into the deeper ground of your being.

Receive guidance and instruction in:

  • Restorative yoga
  • Breathing practices
  • Deep listening
  • Mindfulness & meditation
  • Practices of inner exploration
  • Experiential exercises that explore the kosha map and the psychology of the chakras – ancient maps of wisdom for expansion and integration.

Join us for what will be a unique journey. Let go of struggle, awaken to the ground of love within you, and open to the expansive field of your feminine essence and knowing.
What people say about their experience working with Yogita

“I find her compassionate, astute and centred with a great love of life. I trust her implicitly and have found that her work on my body has helped me greatly.  She is also a superb teacher beyond her massage practice.” – Pauline D

“Yogita is extremely insightful and serves as a trusted healer. Her wisdom, judgement and heart-felt compassion can be felt and experienced in all she offers her clients.” – Lydia B

What people say about their experience working with Sharron

“The essence of the workshop is your quiet strength, your attention to detail, your keen eye watching every student’s needs …in short your personal presence.” – Bernice C

“I could hear and feel your passion and commitment to keeping us connected to the rhythm of our own breath. Masterful.” – Lindsay C

“I greatly enjoyed the concise considered approach to the delivery of the information, the fun, playful but carefully choreographed approach to get our attention focused inwards; The visual props and the wonderfully creative way that you tied it all in…. The poetry and the wisdom insights naturally inter-dispersed throughout.” – Susan T


Sharon Abbondanza
Sharon Abbondanza’s reverent love of the body infuses her teaching. She artfully combines the intelligence of yoga therapy with the innovation of restorative alignment using the BackMitra. With…
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Yogita Bouchard
Yogita Bouchard is a Massage Therapist and also offers Somatic Relational Therapy in private practice. She has completed a four-year course of studies in Hakomi body-centered psychotherapy with…
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