January 2012 – July 2014

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4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Womans Hammam @ Mountain Waters Retreats
5:00 pm – May 14, 2012 @ 10:00 am

For Mothers Day weekend this year we invite you to join us for our Woman’s Hammam Retreat. The Hammam was a traditional bathing ritual of the ancient Middle East, known as the “bringer of warmth”. While our Hamman will not involve Turkish baths, it will heat you up after a long winter with a weekend of sensual pleasure, fun and comradarie.

This will be a mothers day girlfriends getaway like no other, with belly dance, palm reading,  massage and bodywork and, of course, a wonderful soak in the local Hot Springs. You will enjoy gourmet cooking from Morocco, Turkey and Lebanon, plus henna hand painting and evenings of stories, poetry and laughter.


You will Receive:

  • Gourmet Middle Eastern cooking
  • Beautiful retreat accommodations
  • Belly dance instruction and performance
  • A forty minute palm reading session
  • An hour long  Massage treatment. Your choice of deep tissue, relaxation, miofascial, or Hot Stone massage.
  • Hot Springs Visit
  • Morning yoga classes.
  • Daily exercise forest walk
  • Optional Henna art  hand painting
  • A weekend full of laughter and enjoyment, with time to relax or join together with the gals.



Sound Healing with tuning forks level 1 @ Mountain Waters Retreats
9:00 am – May 19, 2012 @ 6:00 pm


Ohm Therapeutics™ is built on the understanding that musical tones assist healing, and that appropriate frequencies promote the flow of energy (Qi) in and around the body. As a result, the pathways for Qi are restored, energy blocks are removed, and health & wellness can be regained.

Learn how to incorporate sound into your healing practice with Ohm Therapeutics™. In this two-day class, Samantha Jennings will demonstrate therapeutic applications of the Ohm Tuning Forks and Tibetan Singing Bowls on

the body, including traditional acupuncture points, trigger & reflex points, bone, muscle & tendons to help tonify Qi, move stagnant energy & relieve pain.

You will learn to work with resonance using the Ohm Unison, Ohm Octave and High Frequency Ohm Tuning Forks. Because the body responds to vibration & the Ohm tone, directing the vibration with tuning forks in a therapeutic setting is an ideal complement to massage, acupressure, acupuncture, cranial sacral, polarity therapy, chiropractic & other bodywork methods.

Students will take home 1 comprehensive study guide for future reference. This course fulfills requirements for continuing education hours for Chinese Medicine Practitioners and is also applicable to massage therapists and anyone else interested in alternative healing modalities.  For persons  continuing on and taking Samantha’s Five Elements course on May 20-21 an additional discount of $200 is being offered for persons enrolling in both courses. In addition, persons living in Nelson  who do not wish to stay up at the Retreat Center can pay tuition only course fees.

Student attending this course will also need the following Course Requirements:
2 Mid Ohm Tuning Forks ~ $88
1 Low Ohm tuning Fork ~ $55
1 Practitioner Activator ~ $42
Sound Healing: Vibrational Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks, Book & DVD ~ $33
Course Tools must be pre-ordered with the instructor & pre-paid.

Total $218 + HST 26.16 = $244.16

Samantha Jennings is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sound Healer & Educator. She began studying Sound Healing with Marjorie de Muynck, creator of Ohm Therapeutics™ in 2000 and teaches in North America & internationally. Samantha incorporates Sound Healing into her practice of spiritually based acupuncture & acupressure, and offers instruction in Ohm Therapeutics & Classical Five Elements.

The Archetypal Energies of the Five Elements @ Mountain Waters Retreats
9:00 am – May 21, 2012 @ 6:00 pm


The two most commonly asked questions in life are : Who am I? and Why am I here?.

Our focus in this two day course will be using ancient Taoist Five Element theory to identify the Constitutional Type that is the expression of a primary energetic imbalance expressed through the personality. We will look at how our early life experiences create core beliefs which then shape the expression of our personality. Over time and with repeated experience we develop character strategies, the habits which define how we behave and how we see the world. This is the foundation of our “Constitutional Type”.

This class will focus on the elemental needs and the missing experiences that give rise to the constitutional type being expressed, and the pathways back to regain balance in the emotional realm. The course provides you with an opportunity to experience the teachings of this timeless wisdom giving you insight into the unique and ancient medical framework that shows the interconnectedness of our mental, emotional and physical states of being.

This is a good opportunity to explore the emotional and physical symptoms that accompany energy imbalances. The class is designed for the Oriental Medicine student,  massage or health practitioner and anyone interested in self-exploration and learning.

For persons who are also taking Samantha’s  Healing with Sound Forks level 1 course on May 18-19 an additional discount of $200 is being offered if you enroll for both courses.  For people living in Nelson tuition only pricing is available.

This course fulfills requirements for continuing education hours for practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and will add new depth of understanding for anyone interested in  working in the helping professions, including counsellors, therapists and massage practitioners.


Samantha Jennings, Dr.TCM, R.Ac.

Samantha has been a practitioner of Oriental Medicine since 1983, having begun her training in Oriental Medicine in 1983, first practicing acupressure, and then graduating from the Canadian College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in 1993, where she was fortunate to have trained in Classical Five Element Acupuncture as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including herbal training. Instructors included those from Professor J.R. Worsley’s College of Traditional Acupuncture, Lemington Spa, UK. Since then she has done post-graduate work with such notables as Lonny Jarrett (Massachusetts), Gye Bennett (Australia), and is currently a student of Dr. Jeffrey Yuen (NY). She is currently engaged in the study of plant affinities for the elements & organ systems and the use of essential oils on acupoints.

Samantha is also a graduate of the Academy of Botanical Medicine: California School of Herbal Studies, as well as having completed the two-year professional training in Hakomi: Body-Centered Psychotherapy, with mentorship from Jon Eisman, Senior Hakomi Trainer.

She has taught as a professor at her alma mater, CCAOM, as well as Oshio College of Herbology & Chinese Medicine (Victoria, BC), Christchurch College of Chinese Medicine (Christchurch, New Zealand), and has offered continuing education classes at Pacific Rim College (Victoria), NMAHA (Santa Fe, NM), as well as privately. She developed the Five Element Acupressure program as part of the B.Sc. in Integrated Health Studies at Northern New Mexico College, Espanola, NM, where she taught both Oriental Medicine and Western Herbology & Pharmacy.

Samantha began studying with Marjorie de Muynck, creator of Ohm Therapeutics™, in 1999 and is an international teacher of Sound Healing in North America & Australasia, representing Lemniscate Music.

Samantha’s specialties are Five Element spiritually-based acupuncture, acupressure and vibrational medicine. The application of Sound Healing is an integral part of her practice, which is now in Vancouver, B.C. She continues to travel the world to study with superlative teachers.

Samantha is a NCCAOM Approved PDA Provider (National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine) offering continuing education for acupuncturists and Oriental Bodywork Therapists across Canada, the US, and New Zealand.






BreathLIGHT 1.1 @ Mountain Waters Retreat Centre
May 24 – May 28 all-day

In this vital BreathLIGHT 1.1 Training Course, participants will assimilate the foundational life path keys in,“The He-Art of facilitating a Crystal Helix BreathLIGHT Session.” Intending to facilitate or simply invigorate your practice, the BreathLight 1.1 Training is an in-depth practicum loaded with activation tools & nurturing keys for the loving & dynamic presence within.

BreathLIGHT 1.1 is a foundational course based on Mikael’s personal 15 years discovering the Infinite Light through the Breath.  Through Yogic Pranayama to Tibetan Lung exercises to the vast array of Transformational Breath Techniques, Mikael is thrilled to be offering the FIRST of THREE Course Trainings on his unique DivineJoy imprint on the Transformational BreathLight Process.

In General, whether you are new to the breath process or an avid breath yogi junkie, this course will provide a holistic heart pathway to igniting a personal empowered commitment to the Breath as a way to comprehending, assimilating, and applying the Light of Pure Source Consciousness into your every-moment life.

In addition to the THREE Course Trainings (BreathLIGHT 1.1, BreathTANTRA 2.2, & BreathMASTERY 3.3), Participants will also integrate these SIX baseline tools:

  • 1. Power of Sound to personally activate, release, integrate, balance, and awaken multi-dimensional consciousness
  • 2. Love of Colour to understand the therapeutic value of messages, meanings, & directives for the soul’s journey through rainbow colour awareness.
  • 3. Wisdom of Somatic Movement to assist the physical vessel to fully align & ground the subtler energy bodies (emotional, sexual, mental, psychic, and spiritual)
  • 4. Universal Language of Sacred Geometry to completely communicate with one’s enviroment enabling one to truly listen, manifest, and co-create with the Infinite Cosmos.
  • 5. Anchoring of Crystal Energy by downloading how to create a personal mesa (altar) with the Five Elementals, Directions, and Planet Earth Gaia.
  • 6. Assimilating Radiant Health Nutrition by applying juicy & practical ways to purify, cleanse, detox and nurture the physical body temple on a daily moment to moment basis.

In 1.1 Training, the manual practicum will also cover the following
BreathLIGHT Keys:

  •  The He-Art of facilitating a Crystal Helix BreathLight Session
  • Living Holographically in a 3 –D world
  • Six Sheaths (Subtle Body Awareness)
  • Activating the Expanded Light Body
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Levels, Steps, Components, & Areas of the Body
  • Five Elements of a BreathLight Session
  • Affirmations, Invocations, & Leverage
  • Four Elemental Warm Up Movements
  • Session Outline
  • Essential Points to remember while facilitating a Crystal Helix Breathing Session

“My BreathLIGHT experience with Mikael was one of the most powerful moments in my life!  It was probably the most unbelievable connection I have ever made with the boundless power and infinite energy available to human beings in the realm of the physical body.”
~ Luke G.  San Francisco, CA

Inward Journey Outward Adventure @ Mountain Waters Retreat Centre
4:30 pm – July 31, 2012 @ 2:00 pm

Join us this summer for a truly extraordinary  six day retreat adventure, our route will take us into the flower strewn majesty of the Selkirk mountains. Following old mining trails, sleeping in alpine cabins, and walking seldom visited ridge-lines.
In cultures around the world Mountains are considered sacred places. They are places of pilgrimage, domains of clarity and peace,  where the clear freshness of the air itself invites a stillness that we too can hold at our core. Beauty and adventure feed the spirit just as much as the precious moments we devote to our inner life. During out time together we will embrace both.

You will have the opportunity to deepen your meditation practice, to make this a contemplative journey back to yourself. For those who wish there will be mindfulness instruction and inquiry. You will be invited to step out of your comfort zone and unpack your deeper needs for quiet, beauty, and the nourishment of wild places.
Participants will need to carry a pack with  their sleeping bag, clothes and personal effects, and be able to hike in moderately difficult Mountain terrain. Due to the nature of this unique retreat we are limiting space to eight participants.

Testimonials from past participants of this retreat


“I got way more from this retreat adventure than I ever expected. A new world within myself which has opened up a new world outside of myself. Very Cool !!”  Denise M

“I thought a retreat was just a retreat, something to come back from and have fond memories of. But this experience has not been that way. You gave a wise and comfortable warming to my heart. The meditation gave me time to come down into myself and feel the difference being present makes. This practice is making life at home more full. The hiking in the Valhalla’s was world class”    Grant  W


Richard Klein  has spent his adult life in the Mountains of British Columbia. He is a life  and wellness coach who has studied mindfulness based stress reduction with Jon Kabbat-Zinn. Richard offers meditation instruction for many of the guest programs at Mountain Waters.  In the Fall of 2011 Richard spent six weeks traveling alone in Tibet, walking three different pilgrimage treks around sacred mountains in the Himalaya.



Redefine Your Health After 40 @ Mountain Waters Retreats
5:00 pm – August 21, 2012 @ 2:00 pm
 Do you think your best years are behind you?
Has mediocre become your new standard of well being?

Over these five days you will discover a whole new health outlook that will allow you to maintain your vitality and an expanded sense of possibility for the next half of your life. You will learn how exercise and nutrition can shift your metabolism to a more youthful  anabolic state, pushing up on your inherent regenerative capacity and changing the relationship between damage and repair that underlies the aging process.

The new science shows that only 35% of aging is genetically determined, meaning that 65% of how you age is about choices you make and the activities you engage in. Maintaining your vitality and your body’s regenerative capacity is largely up to you. Your time with us we will give you a whole new perspective on your health that will  establish a new baseline for what is possible in the years to come.

Learn about the breakthroughs in regenerative nutrition that will help you produce more energy at the cell level. Energy is the currency of life. More energy means more ability to do the things you love, including an increased capacity for exercise.

Exercise is crucially important in giving your body the bio-chemical signals that spur the shift to a more  regenerative metabolism.  Our team of fitness professionals will lead you on a summer “boot camp” in the Mountains, with both breathtaking hikes into the alpine and to wilderness beaches on fantastic Kootenay Lake.

Our sense of well being is inversely related to the stress we are experiencing in our lives. Stress acts as a corrosive force upon our health and speeds up the aging process at the cell level. You will learn specific mind/body techniques that will help you to establish more creative ways to work with the stress in your life.

There will be daily yoga practice and meditation instruction and plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind in the beauty of our Retreat Center location.

During This Retreat You will receive:

  • Guided hikes into some of the Kootenays most beautiful areas
  • Two “boot camp” fitness sessions with take-home workout program
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Meditation instruction
  • Stress awareness exercises and training
  • A comprehensive program of regenerative nutrition
  • Bodywork, Watsu and wellness therapeutic massage
  • Daily wellness lectures and discussion
  • Delicious locally-grown organic meals
  • Time to unwind, rest and relax in our beautiful retreat setting
  • A whole new outlook on the aging process

    Our Team

    Richard Klein: Richard is a wellness life coach and retreat facilitator. He is the co-founder of the Redefine Your Health Retreat Programs and the parent of five young adults.  An active outdoorsman with an experienced background in body-centered psychotherapy and regenerative nutrition, Richard has followed his interest in human potential to research the factors that can lead us to personal growth and vitality, irrespective of age. 

    Yogita Bouchard: 
    Yogita is a retreat facilitator, a gifted therapist, and a Spa and Wellness consultant who along with her husband, Richard Klein, is the co-founder of the Redefine Your Health Retreat Programs. Yogita has mastered multiple forms of bodywork, massage, and aquatic therapies. She combines these skills with an in-depth background in body-centered psychology and a loving presence. She is a parent of five young adult and as a life long athlete, she has found her life long passion in helping others powerfully shift the way they experience the aging process and sense of well-being.

Permaculture Design @ Mountain Waters Retreats
5:00 pm – October 7, 2012 @ 5:00 pm

Permaculture is a design system for creating dynamic and sustainable human environments. This course is for those who want to link the personal with the planetary, so as to lessen their ecological footprint and make sustainability a key part of their lives and legacy. With approximately 72 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction, this two-week intensive course will provide you with a tool box of skills that will allow you to design and implement living environments that are both regenerative and sustainable, in both rural and urban settings.

“Of all the courses we offer,” says Rob Avis, “this permaculture course is unique in that it is being offered in a beautiful retreat setting.”

There are expansive gardens, forests, ponds and the surrounding 27,000 hectare West Arm Wilderness Park to use as an outdoor classroom. Two Mandala-shaped teaching rooms, hot tubs, a stunning lodge, gourmet meals and walking trails leading into the park complement the natural setting, all just 2 kilometres away from Nelson, B.C


“The Verge Permaculture PDC is a comprehensive course with hands-on applications. It is fantastic! Rob Avis provides functional information that goes way beyond the garden to – building, growing & creating a good life. We walked out of the PDC with so many entrepreneurial & sustainable ideas & opportunities. I am so excited!” – Julie Budgen, Canmore, AB


This course will be inspiring and useful for individuals at all levels of experience – from backyard gardeners to professional farmers, and from design professionals to entrepreneurs interested in developing the knowledge and skills to create a whole systems approach to ecological living. Whatever your interest – gardening or farming, designing & building homes, urban and rural planning, eco-business or green living, permaculture design principles will empower you to make positive changes as an individual and in communities, towards creating a bright and sustainable future.

“I can’t express enough the value for all people to learn permaculture principles and Verge Permaculture made this learning fun, factual and provided a nurturing environment to do it in. I am leaving this PDC feeling overwhelmingly hopeful for the future of this messy world. Thanks so much for inspiring our class!” – Shauna Teare, Winlaw, BC

  • Theory and principles of permaculture
  • Eco-friendly house placement and design
  • Energy conservation techniques for cold climates
  • Renewable energy systems, feasibility, placement and design
  • Recycling and waste management
  • Organic food production
  • Cold temperate food forest design based on Cdn. climatic conditions
  • Water harvesting and management
  • Grey water utilization and management
  • Ecological pest control
  • Drought-proofing
  • Soil rehabilitation and erosion control
  • Sustainable livestock management
  • Aquaculture systems and design
  • Catastrophe preparedness and prevention
  • Windbreaks and fire control
  • Additional Workshops will be included

Students will receive their own copy of Bill Mollison’s: Permaculture: A Designers Manual. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a Permaculture Design Certificate. Course completion is based upon attendance and a group presentation of a final design project. 


Instructor: Rob Avis

Rob Avis of Calgary-based Verge Permaculture is a highly active permaculturist and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience from around the world. He is a student of Geoff Lawton and the Bullock Brothers and has hands-on experience with numerous concepts including: strawbale buildings, earthships, low-energy homes, wind turbines and solar power & heating but also understands and emphasizes the importance of biological systems: soil, water-harvesting, landscape re-hydration, composting, growing food, grey water and biological waste-water treatment.


As a speaker for community events, non-profit groups and businesses, Rob is keen to share his passion and vision. He has been invited to guest lecture at the University of Calgary, taught workshops in partnership with the non-profit Green Calgary, and now teaches the full permaculture design certificate with courses planned across Western Canada.


When not teaching or consulting you’ll find Rob in the basement experimenting with ferments (baking bread & brewing beer) or foraging in the garden.


Awakening True Nature @ Mountain Waters Retreats
4:00 pm – May 19, 2013 @ 2:00 pm

Who are we “taking ourselves to be” as we move through our days, years, life? How do these habitual views inhibit directly sensing our true nature? This heart opening and thought provoking weekend retreat is an opportunity to inquire into the reality of who you are in each given moment.

Diane will lead mindful yoga practices designed to open the body’s energetic channels. This embodied presence is the necessary container for the meditation and inquiry practices which Dori will lead. Periods of intentional silence will be woven into the weekend to connect deeply within.

To listen to, and watch Diane and Dori describe the Awakening True Nature retreat please click on the following link.

Diane Sherman is a passionate teacher who intuitively guides her studentsDiane Sherman towards their own edge while encouraging them to deeply listen to their inner wisdom. Whether teaching a restorative class, a more physically demanding practice, or working one-on-one with a student, Diane is committed to inspiring her students to drop into the present moment as completely as possible. Her classes weave together her knowledge of Ayurveda, asana, breath work, meditation, yin and yang yoga. Diane is a curious, inquisitive person with a passion for living well, she is fiercely committed to her own evolution and encourages that in her friends, family and students.

Diane has been blessed with amazing teachers along the way. Her primary influences have been Donald Moyer, Sarah Powers and Scott Blossom. From them she learned a combination of precise alignment, yin yoga, sitting meditation and Ayurvedic principals. She also studied Ayurveda at Mount Madonna Institute and has a diploma in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling. She is deeply grateful to her teachers and all they have shared along the way as well as their own dedication to their paths. Other inspirations to Diane are Pema Chodron, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.diane and dori

Dori Langevin

Dori Langevin, PsyD loves sharing the radical teachings and practices of the Buddha that empower us to live with wakefulness, compassion and wisdom in the midst of our messy, yet radiant lives.

She considers herself a devotee of the Great Mother and grounds her teaching in embodied presence. Dori has trained with Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield and Tsultrim Allione and has been teaching since 2003.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Fundamentals @ Mountain Waters Retreats
5:00 pm – June 30, 2013 @ 4:00 pm

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) allows the body to repair itself and to prepare for daily activity.

AISThis method of stretching works with the body’s physiological makeup to improve circulation and increase th e elasticity of joint muscles and connective tissues.

Paul John Elliott is the only person in Canada to-date that is certified by Aaron Mattes, creator of Active Isolated Stretching, to teach AIS.

Founded on controlling the body’s stretch reflexes, AIS is a system of safely elongating myofascial tissues, helping eliminate pain and improving human performance.

AIS is an outstanding technique for improving posture, eliminating spinal curvatures such as scoliosis and kyphosis which can restore proper body alignment, and help to eliminate physical pain.

Active Isolated Stretching is fully inclusive, meaning that anyone can learn this important technique – children, adults even little-league coaches – anyone interested in physical health, either their own or someone else’s; it is not reserved for licensed therapists or trained professionals.

Paul has been teaching 3-day seminars AIS across Canada since 2005. This 3.5 day AIS foundations couse will be offered for the first time in a beautiful and restorative retreat location.Paul John Elliot

Avoiding the Wall @ Mountain Waters Retreats
5:00 pm – September 9, 2013 @ 12:00 pm

Are you feeling fatigued or depleted?
Is your life one big to-do list?
Have you lost track of what’s really important?

Join us for five days that will change the way you see and experience health. Avoiding the Wall is taking proactive measures before you crash through understanding the underlying conditions that effect your energy, mood, and outlook on life.

As human beings we are creatures of habit, even if these habits can undermine our felt sense of well-being. This retreat will be an opportunity to explore the habits and beliefs that run our lives. We will be working primarily through the body, with each participant receiving three hours of bodywork per day, along with integrative coaching sessions. The massage and bodywork treatments are deeply nourishing and they provide you with access to the truth held within your own body. We provide the safety, skill and professionalism that will make this five day experience one of deep renewal and personal transformation.

During This Retreat You Will Receive

- Multiple Daily bodywork treatments:
- Myofascial release
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Relaxation Massage
- Chinese Massage
- Acupuncture
- Life Coaching
- Yoga Classes
- Meditation Instruction
- Regenerative Nutrition
- Healthy Gourmet Meals
- Movement Therapy
- Walks in Nature
- Quiet Time to Rest and Integrate your Experience

Our Team

Richard Klein: Richard is a wellness life coach and retreat facilitator. He is the co-founder of the Redefine Your Health Retreat Programs and the parent of five young adults.  An active outdoorsman with an experienced background in body-centered psychotherapy and regenerative nutrition, Richard has followed his interest in human potential to research the factors that can lead us to personal growth and vitality, irrespective of age. 

Yogita Bouchard:
Yogita is a retreat facilitator, a gifted therapist, and a Spa and Wellness consultant who along with her husband, Richard Klein, is the co-founder of the Redefine Your Health Retreat Programs. Yogita has mastered multiple forms of bodywork, massage, and aquatic therapies. She combines these skills with an in-depth background in body-centered psychology and a loving presence. She is a parent of five young adult and as a life long athlete, she has found her life long passion in helping others powerfully shift the way they experience the aging process and sense of well-being.

Kim Goodwin: Kim  has been working as a massage therapist since 1997. She has worked in everything from clinical settings to five star resorts. Kim brings a full basket of different massage modalities to her work with clients. Her passion is Myofascial Release which provides an important expanded dimension for increasing effectiveness and permanency of results in relieving pain and restoring ease of motion. Kim believes that no two people are alike and she tailors her client treatments based upon a thorough assessment and evaluation of each clients unique needs.

Claudia Kavcic: Claudia brings a combination of skills to the RYH team where her goal is to turn bleak prospects into bright promises by making the dream of preventative medicine a reality. Claudia’s massage carrier began in 1998 where she has developed a unique style that incorporates techniques from acupressure, therapeutic Chinese massage (tuina), deep tissue, Sweedish, myofascial release and hot stones. Claudia’s passion is aquatic bodywork which is a variety of techniques that stem from land Shiatsu and physiotherapy. She feels that by adapting land moves to supportive body temperature water a very creative nurturing therapeutic experience happens. All of Claudia’s treatments are provided with a strong foundation in traditional Chinese medicine where she has been practicing acupuncture and TCM modalities since 2003. Claudia loves her work and is proud to be a health care provider.


Yoga Teachers Training Level 3 @ Mountain Waters Retreats
5:00 pm – September 21, 2013 @ 10:00 am

This retreat offers the final level of  the three part Yoga certification training that started in Sept of 2012.  Jointly Taught by Karuna Erikson, along with her husband Paul Erikson, this six day heart-centered intensive is suitable both for yoga students who wish to become Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance and for those who simply want to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga without necessarily wishing to teach yoga. It offers a deep experience of yoga, for people considering or already teaching yoga, and for those who love yoga and wish to immerse themselves in yoga practice and principles. This course is a profound integration of body, mind, heart and spirit, intended for yoga students of all levels who want to expand their experience of yoga as a spiritual practice and way of life.

The cost is for meals and accommodations for those students stay with us at Mountain Waters. Please contact Karuna at 250-229-4793, regarding course payment and fees.

Karuna Erickson is a devoted yoga teacher as well as a psychotherapist, practicing in both fields since 1970. The focus of her work is the integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit. She is the director of the Heart Yoga Center, a registered yoga teacher training school with the Yoga Alliance. She has trained yoga teachers for over 20 years. She teaches yoga internationally, interweaving Sufi poetry and Buddhist practices of mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation. She leads annual retreats in Costa Rica, Canada, and Bali.


Register Now

Green-Building with Hempcrete Part 2: Finishing Techniques @ Mountain Waters Retreat Centre
5:00 pm – September 26, 2013 @ 5:00 pm

This is the second part of our Green building course which focuses on hempcrete finishing techniques.


Finishing Inside WallsThe walls built in June will now be properly cured and this segment will concentrate on plastering the interior and exterior surfaces.

On the outside we’ll learn how to protect hempcrete from the weather using plastering techniques. We will also cover in detail, the process of pigmentation and developing the colours you desire using clay based pigments. For those people taking both the July and September HempCrete course segments we are offering a price discount of 25% which brings the cost of the total 11 day package down to $995.

Learn how to use one of natures most versatile fibers

to create strong, energy efficient and beautiful structures made of light weight fiber-reinforced concrete.

This Green Building Workshop will be appropriate for both experienced builders and do-it-your-selfers interested in sustainable shelter.

Hemp-Crete is a Sustainable Building choice for the 21st century

- Window DetailLong-term carbon sequestration
- Non-toxic breathable wall envelope
- High R-Value and Thermal resistance means homes that are warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer .
- Enhanced fire protection: Hemp-Crete does not burn
- Superior acoustic qualities means Hemp-crete provides you with a very quiet
natural feeling home.

You can expect to learn lots, have fun, and get your hands dirty.
This course is being offered in two parts, a 7 day building intensive in Early July, followed by a 4 day plastering and pigmentation course Sept 22-26 that will be focused upon the exterior and interior finishing of a HempCrete structure. A discount is available for those people taking both course segments. This course includes wonderful home cooked organic meals and accommodations in our beautiful retreat setting within walking distance of Nelson BC. You will be participating in the construction of a round Mandala Hemp-crete home.

Have FUN and LEARN the key Fundamentals of Hemp Building:

Outside WallsThis course will give you the experience you need to successfully build a HempCrete structure of your own.
The Workshop will cover:

- Hemp-Crete mixes
- Forming
- Window and Door Details
- Plastering and Finishing
- Structural characteristics of Hemp as a green building material
- Key design Features
- Sourcing and supply of key ingredients

Jayeson Hendyrsan is a pioneer in the green building industry. His vision is inspired by creating energy efficient, naturally sourced, affordable and beautiful houses out of lightweight fiber-based concrete derived from industrial hemp. Jason has collaborated with Hemp-crete experts from around the world and has built cottages, houses and monolithic walls out of Hemp-crete. He lives on Bowen Island where he also teaches Tai-Chi.

Gaia’s Mind and The Secret Teachings Of Plants @ Mountain Waters Retreat
5:30 pm – October 16, 2013 @ 4:30 pm

Over these five days Stephen will explore his newest work with plants and plant intelligence, including material from his newest book Gaia’s Mind. The workshop will be, as usual, about half experiential and half didactic. Stephen will explore the dreaming of Earth, the function of psychotropic plants in ecosystem function, cytokine cascades in human disease (and plant interventives for them), plant nervous systems and intelligence (just where is the plant brain and yes there is one; its location will surprise you), plant neurotransmitters and sensory gating channels, and in more depth: the nature of golden threads and their uses in understanding plant function and medicinal qualities, synaethesis, the secret kinesis of things, imaginal perception, analogical thinking, and a great deal more. The development of tools to intentionally shift consciousness in order to perceive the dreaming of Earth and the medicinal nature of plants will be explored. Due to the length of the workshop, we will go deep. As usual, Stephen will use a combination of personal reflection, storytelling, informational sharing, and experiential exercises in his teaching. Some of it will actually be humorous. However. . . Please be prepared to have core belief systems challenged. (Really)


Stephen Harrod Buhner is the award-winning author of 18 books of nonfiction and one of poetry. For the past 30 years he has taught throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Western European Isles (UK/EU) about medicinal plants and Earth relationship. Among other contributions, Stephen is one of the early pioneers in understanding the non-linear source of indigenous plant knowledge; has been instrumental in bringing to prominence unhopped, herbal beers and ancient gruit; developed the first depth understanding of systemic herbal antibiotics and plant synergists; created the first comprehensive exploration of the function of medicinal plants in ecosystem homeodynamis; initiated the development of phytoandrogens in herbal practice, published the first meta-analysis of the dynamics of lyme spirochetes in the human body; developed the first understandings necessary for the herbal treatment of cytokine cascades in disease complexes; generated the first comprehensive exploration of the use of heart field dynamics in human/plant relationships; created the first depth analysis and exploration of herbal antivirals; and is one of the foremost writers on the nature of emerging infections and ecosystem disruption. There is a reason that Rosemary Gladstar calls him one of the “plant geniuses of our time. “

Register Now 1-888-352-6081

The Mystery School @ Mountain Waters Retreat Centre
4:00 pm – April 29, 2014 @ 9:00 am

It is the inner world behind our eyes that holds the template out of which we manifest all that unfolds in our outer life. Join us on a three year learning adventure to the source of the truth and healing we each hold deep inside.

“Deep in your being you hold a vast reservoir of wisdom and knowledge that barely gets tapped as you live your busy life. Your inner world holds the rhythms of your psyche, the seeds of your destiny, and the flavor and fragrance of your unique self as it has been shaped and formed by the love of your Creator and the infinite wonder of creation. In short, your inner being holds your truth. This is the treasure that resides, hidden, within you. With love and coaxing, you can bring this treasure forward into your everyday life through the practice of deep imagery.” Jenny Garrison, Imagery in You; Mining for Treasure in Your Inner World

DSC_0032“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. ” Albert Einstein

The Mystery School is a mentored, small group, three year journey of self-exploration focusing on the archetypal map of the Tarot and Tree of Life symbols. Guided visualization, meditations, movement, mandala art, journal writing, collages, masks, self-created rituals and ceremonies, and other creative inner work will support you to meet the archetypes active in your inner life. Step by step you are initiated into more profound layers of your uniqueness and its knowledge. You move naturally into a deeper awareness and appreciation of ‘healthy relationship’ to your self, others, and life. An authentic celebration of Self in the diversity and unity of all life is a natural outcome.

old Mystery school group

Two central themes of The Mystery School are “making the ordinary, extraordinary and the extraordinary, ordinary” and “It is never too late to have a happy childhood”. We recognize that space, time and personal attention is necessary to nurture the deep awakening possible within you. This is about maturing the sacred within you. For this purpose, The Mystery School takes place in 12 weeks of ‘workshop/celebrations’, over the three year period. Each class group is small, limited to 10 people so that we are able to meet your individual needs and create with the help of all participants a powerful community of support and transformation.

Yoga Teachers Training Level 1 @ Mountain Waters Retreat
5:00 pm – May 10, 2014 @ 4:30 pm

The Heart Yoga Center  is offering a 200-hour Yoga Alliance recognized teacher certification, divided into three 6-day courses. Level 1 is suitable both for yoga students who wish to become Registered Yoga Teachers and for those who simply want to deepen their practice. Please note prices are for meals and accommodation only.

This Heart Yoga Center teacher training  course is composed of three six-day intensive courses. These are suitable both for yoga students who wish to become Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance and for those who simply want to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga without necessarily wishing to teach yoga. This course is a profound integration of body, mind, heart and spirit, intended for yoga students of all levels who want to expand their experience of yoga as a spiritual practice and way of life. Upon completion of all three levels, students are eligible for certification and official registration with Yoga Alliance.

Set at the beautiful Mountain Water Retreat Centre, enhance your yoga experience with accommodations in the stunning retreat lodge, enjoy the numerous hiking trails leading into the 27,000 hectare West Arm Wilderness Park, and relax with gourmet meals and a hot tub.

Through an in-depth experiential investigation of our connection with the sacred energy of yoga, we will explore a wide range of topics, including:

  • Yoga Practices – asana (physical postures), pranyama (breathing awareness), and meditation
  • Yoga philosophy and psychology – Yoga Sutras, ethics, the body/mind connection
  • Anatomy of the body and the asanas, as well as esoteric anatomy
  • Teaching methodology- teaching and communication skills, assisting and adjusting, seeing and understanding bodies
  • Therapeutic Yoga – yoga for injuries (back, knee, shoulder, neck, etc), medical issues, psychological issues (i.e., anxiety and depression)
  • Yoga for a woman’s life cycle – yoga during menstrual cycle and menopause, prenatal and postnatal yoga
  • Creating a daily practice
  • Sequencing practice and classes
  • Practicum – practice teaching and observing

Reading and Independent Study:

Students will receive a Heart Yoga Teacher Training Manual on the first day of Level One. A list of recommended texts will be sent to you upon registration. These will include one book each on asana, yoga philosophy, and anatomy.

To support the depth of the transformation in this program, students will keep journals and write personal papers which will be opportunities for self-reflection. In this safe and inspiring environment, students will be supported to explore deeper connections with self, community, and spirit. We warmly invite you to join us as we explore together the heart and spirit of yoga.


Endorsements for Heart Yoga Teacher Training Program:

“This has been the greatest decision and adventure of my life. I feel so different inside and out…I am now positive that this was the right step for me in my life.” —Stephanie

“This course has given me the foundation for a lifetime of study.” —Tom

“During this course I feel that I have gained a real sense of the body as a temple and the asanas as prayers. Thank you for holding such a beautiful and sacred space for healing and centering. I’m so glad I came! ” —Leah

Karuna Erickson is a devoted yoga teacher as well as a psychotherapist, practicing in both fields since 1970. The focus of her work is the integration of body, mind, heart, and spirit. She is the director of the Heart Yoga Center, a registered yoga teacher training school with the Yoga Alliance. She has trained yoga teachers for over 20 years. She teaches yoga internationally, interweaving Sufi poetry and Buddhist practices of mindfulness and lovingkindness meditation. She leads annual retreats in Costa Rica, Canada, and Bali.

Karuna has assisted Rodney Yee in several of his yoga teacher training workshops and courses. She has taught many workshops, classes and retreats with Andrew Harvey. Karuna and Andrew have co-authored a book titled: On Fire: Heart Yoga, which has received outstanding reviews from teachers such as Caroline Myss, Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, and Judith Lasater.

She draws upon her profession as a psychotherapist in her yoga teaching, to explore the union of body and mind. Her style of teaching is compassionate and heartfelt, and her students experience transformation on many levels. Karuna has lived in the mountains of British Columbia for over 35 years, and her teaching and practice are inspired by her love of the peace and beauty of the mountains.

Education and degrees:

  • B.A. cum laude, Psychology, Stanford University, 1968
  • M.S.W., Psychiatric Social Work, University of California, Berkeley, 1970
  • D. Min. (student) Wisdom University
  • Registered Counselor, Canadian Counseling Association
  • Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher E 500 (experienced)
  • Interfaith Minister, Metaphysical Interfaith Church, 1998

Healing with Addictions (May) @ Mountain Waters Retreat
5:00 pm – May 30, 2014 @ 2:00 pm

500mandala editThis six day experiential seminar will examine the sources of addiction in our individual histories and in our culture, and connect us with the inner wholeness which is the final and only answer to addictive drives. Participants are supported to experience genuine self acceptance, and move forward in their lives in healthier, more authentic ways.

How we define addictions:

An addiction is “any behaviour that we engage in on an ongoing basis that causes harm to ourselves or the people that we care about. Behaviours that we are unable to stop.” This definition is a big tent that many of us can find a place within.
Addictions are self-destructive patterns of thought and behavior,that are rife throughout our society. From the respectable compulsions of the professional workaholic to the disease-inducing habits of the street junkie. All addictions originate from a place of deep-seated emotional pain and an unbearable sense of spiritual loss.

This retreat is for:

Participants who are currently struggling with addictions in their lives as well as counsellors, therapists and support workers addressing addictions in a professional capacity. This retreat is not meant for active substance users. It’s intended to be a source of rich personal learning and renewal for all participants.

IMG_0933This groundbreaking seminar incorporates:

  • the brain science of addiction
  • guided self-exploration
  • interactive group exercises
  • indigenous teachings
  • yoga practice & instruction to work with addictive impulses
  • meditation & mindfulness practice
  • one integrative bodywork session

The program includes indiginous healing techniques plus a facilitated group process designed to help participants integrate the full benefit of their experience. Organic, gourmet meals and accommodations are provided in a secluded mountain retreat facility.

Additionally, there will be indigenous Medicine Wheel teachings focusing on being in the “right relationship” with what is often referred to as the “hungry ghost” of addiction.

The retreat will be led by Dr Duncan Grady and supported by a team of gifted health practitioners.

DUNCAN GRADY is a psychotherapist and teacher with over 30 years in the field of addictions with a post doctorate degree in Creation Spirituality. He was raised in the Siksika/Sauk Blackfeet indigenous tradition.  Duncan is a longtime Buddhist practitioner, who teaches meditation and mindfulness retreats integrating western, eastern and native traditions and approaches to the healing of addiction. He has taught at UCS/Naropa University and throughout North America and Europe. He currently teaches at Selkirk College in British Columbia and works as a psychotherapist and hospice trainer using western and non-western approaches to health, well-being, and end-of-life transition.

School of Sacred Arts: Japanese Yoga Teacher Training @ Mountain Waters Retreat Centre
3:00 pm – July 12, 2014 @ 12:30 pm

Mountain Waters Retreats and The School Of Sacred Arts (SOSA)
are collaborating on our second month-long yoga teacher training
for a select group of Japanese students next summer. Japan-
based company Firstship, which operates over fifty yoga studios
in their homeland, will bring these future teachers to Nelson for
this 200 hour, Yoga Alliance accredited course.db-yoga-on-kootenay-lake-edit

Headed by the school’s director Simone MacKay and co-founder
Troy McFadden, SOSA trainings prioritize the personal growth
of each participant. Believing that ‘finding one’s own, unique
path, embracing the beauty and power of nature as aspects
of ourselves, and opening to the grandest dimensions of
existence are our highest callings’, the entire SOSA team makes
the sometimes complex art and science of yoga (and related
systems) relevant and accessible.

Simone was raised and educated in Switzerland, later graduating
with a degree in social work in her home country of Canada.
After years of serving as a counselor specializing in women’s
issues, Simone began her yogic journey with a ‘Yoga Arts’
training in Australia. Initially inspired by Ashtanga, she moved
on to study Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, and yoga therapy while
teaching throughout the greater Asian realm.

Since founding The School Of The Sacred Arts, Simone has been
leading yoga teacher trainings, retreats and workshops in Japan,
Bali, Thailand, Peru and Switzerland.

Troy McFadden established The Sanctuary Resort’s Spa and
Wellness Centre in Southern Thailand in 1998 and a large,
thriving yoga studio in the Pacific Northwest in 2002. After
training in Vipassana meditation during several intensive retreat
periods in Buddhist monasteries, Troy became a registered
counselor, facilitating groups and individuals through fasting,
cleansing, and detox programs.

Believing that ‘everyone is the guru’, Troy’s teaching emphasizes
self-empowerment and the importance of letting intuition and
discernment guide us along a path of our own creation.

For more information about SOSA: www.schoolofsacredarts.net iStock_000010224130Mats edit

Mindfulness Meditation: A Buddhist Path to Happiness, Love & Awakening @ Mountain Waters Retreat Centre
5:00 pm – July 25, 2014 @ 2:00 pm

We are capable of great wisdom, boundless love,  true compassion , and deep-seated ease. And yet all to often our human experience is clouded by painful moods, mental compulsions, addictions, and difficult psychological scripts from the past.

For thousands of years, people have used Buddhist meditation as a way of training the mind and elevating consciousness to free themselves from anxiety, self-criticism, depression, and fear.

Spiritual practice is not about self-improvement, or attempting to fashion a life that is stable or predictable. Suffering is caused by the very demand that life be something other than it is. Instead of requiring life to be different, we can learn to let life live through, and as, us. Freedom and happiness lie in accepting this present moment, right NOW, exactly as it is. This moment is actually all we ever have. It is only NOW when we awaken from the trance of our separateness and realize our true, infinite nature.

Whether you have meditated for years, or are just setting out on your inner journey you will find this retreat informative, healing and liberating.


There will be instruction and practice in sitting and walking meditation as well as Dharma talks, movement meditation, opportunities to ask questions  and to receive individual guidance from Robert.

The retreat will occur in noble silence in a natural setting of great beauty and tranquility.

This 12 day retreat will give you ample opportunity to drop beneath the busyness of day to day life and reconnect with yourself in a deep and heartfelt way. This retreat is not an endurance contest, the teachings are both gentle and profound and this will be a time to finally offer yourself the love, care and attention for which you have always longed. For those who are unable to attend the full 12 day retreat there is a week long retreat option available. You will return to your life and your relationships rested, renewed and inspired. And you will bring with you the tools to maintain a balanced openness to all of your experience. There is no instructor fee for this retreat. Robert follows the ancient Buddhist tradition of not charging a fee for his teaching. Support for the teachings and his work is provided through the practice of Dana.




Robert Beatty is the founder and guiding teacher of the Portland Insight Meditation Community. He brings forty years of Buddhist Dharma practice and training in western therapies to his teaching and work with individuals. Robert is a member of the first wave of lay Theravada Buddhist teachers who brought Buddhism from Asia to America. Robert uses humor, poetry and drumming to teach meditation for everyday life, including intimate relationships, parenting, work, social engagement, and community.