August 25, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – August 29, 2017 @ 1:00 pm
Mountain Waters Retreats Center
2109 Svoboda Rd
Nelson, BC V0G 1C0
Lodge Room per couple $1395, Cabin $1315, Course only $700, Early bird $150 off until July 1st
Richard Klein

Almost all couples have had the experience of falling in love. Being able to “keep in love”, and keeping the relationship alive, takes falling in love to the next level. Using mindfulness and compassion, this workshop will teach skills needed to sustain an energetic, healthy, respectful, and mutually rewarding relationship over time.

Often couples find themselves “stuck” – in relationships that have become too busy, too painful, or just too flat and empty. The usual ways of trying to get out of these stuck places often become loops that keep couples from getting unstuck. Eventually one or both of the partners start to wonder if the relationship is worth saving, too often seeing the other as “the enemy”. Usually both just desperately want out of the pain.


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Having the right tools and reconnecting to what is really important can change relationships profoundly. Whether you are in crisis, just stuck, wanting to enrich what you already have, or are at the beginning of your relationship and want giudance to “do it right from the beginning”, this workshop will give you a practical understanding of relationship dynamics and effective tools to make your relationship the one you want.

This workshop will:
1. Offer experiential exercises that will teach concrete skills to take home. It is an opportunity to stop doing what isn’t working, and to start doing something that will work.
2. Provide an opportunity to have a different experience – to re-connect, to shift attitudes, and to learn different models of how to nourish and care for your relationship.
3. Help you, if you are in crisis and trying to make a decision about the life of your relationship, by providing models and tools to help you use a different lens to filter your decision through, and by assisting you to connect to a deeper, wiser, and less reactive part of yourself to make that decision from.



Beth Falch-Nielsen is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer. She has been in the counselling field for over 40 years and in private practice for 26 years. Living in Vancouver, with a private practice, she teaches and supervises students in Edmonton and Calgary and is a guest trainer/ supervisor in Portland. Working with couples is one of Beth’s specialities, and using Mindfulness and experiential exercises to help couples have a different experience of what is possible and to connect deeply and really take in and be nourished by that connection, is a major focus of her couples work. Beth lives in a co-housing eco viillage in the Fraser Valley and has found a way to be part of community, one of the things most important to her, and have a good balance of rural life plus being close enough to Vancouver for everything that exciting city can offer. She has two grown children and is a new grandmother.

  1. Hello,

    We would love to join the couples group. However the timing is
    Tough for summer. Would you expect to offer it in Fall or Winter?

  2. Ditto on the above message… do you have any fall relationship retreat/workshop offerings?

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