Dear friends,  We have come to the decision to  cancel our 2021 retreat season at our center. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic there is just too much uncertainty around both the virus and the economy to proceed. As a human community we are being pushed to  reconfigure many of the arrangements once considered normal, and find a new resilience within our selves and among each other. We find ourselves at an important luminal threshold where the path forward is not yet clear. I hope and trust that we can serve you in some capacity in 2021 as you step toward greater harmony, balance and self-knowing . As we sit in the uncertainty that ripples out from Covid-19, I leave you with a question posed by one of my early teachers, Jon Eisman, who said ” Ultimately the real question is, whether we live in a friendly universe….. If so, we have nothing to fear”.

At Mountain Waters, we offer you an enriched learning environment of beauty, sacredness and connection to Nature. Our intention is to be a place where the longing you may feel for change, for growth and for deeper peace is met by a retreat you take and by something you discover inside yourself while you are here.

We offer you the opposite of distraction. Authenticity. Whether that means your tears, your laughter above, all your unique awesomeness. Often this can mean looking clearly at what stands in the way of this full expression of your life. People come here to help navigate important life transitions. To press “pause” and turn toward the quieter voice inside, the “truth-keeper” who knows the way forward and how we may offer, each one of us, our gifts to the world.


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Mountain Waters offers comfortable accommodations for up to 24 people with rooms for varied tastes and budgets, from luxury suites with ensuite washrooms to our charming cabin accommodations and welcoming lodge rooms.

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Wonderful food is a central part of every one of our retreats and to the experience of our guests. Many great conversations begin around the dinner table, where our guests enjoy healthy gourmet garden-grown meals.

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Our Location

Located on the border of the 27,000 ha West Arm provincial wilderness park and within walking distance of the idyllic small arts town of Nelson, Mountain Waters is a place where people come to cultivate their inner smile, the particular quality of well-being we feel from the inside out when we are at peace with the world. We invite you to join us this season, to learn, to rest, and to expand your sense of life’s possibilities.

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