• Private room – CAD $1,750.00
  • Private with ensuite – CAD $1,850.00
  • Shared Cabins – CAD $1,600.00
  • Camping – CAD $1,450.00

Date & Time Details: Please expect to arrive between 4.00-6.00 pm on Saturday Sept 15th. The Retreat will conclude with Lunch on Thursday Sept 20 at 12.30.

Location: Mountain Waters Retreat

Address: 2129 Svoboda road Nelson BC

Katherine Oldfield

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Change Your Health, Change Your Life

With Katherine Oldfield

September 15 - 20, 2018

Let go of what no longer serves you and start doing what does……



The original title for this retreat was going to be ‘How to maintain your calm and resilience in a f’d up world”. Changing habits can be quite difficult, and  the process can feel daunting. That is why I will guide you through the steps of how to change the habits that have been corrosive to your health using a combination of self knowing exercises, group learning and wellness teachings. In five days you will emerge with a personalized blueprint for your health, plus an embodied felt sense of what it’s like to maintain your calm, your vitality, and keep perspective of your priorities in the midst of your busy life.



At the middle of life we can find ourselves at a tipping point. Until now we have coasted on
our youthful vitality, unaware of some of the long term health impacts of the lifestyle habits we have been running that can
compromise our heath over time. This can start to show up as adrenal fatigue, auto-immune disorders, and a host of other conditions that can impact the quality of our lives. This is a important time to  begin to chart a new course.

I have 18 years of clinical experience as a Naturopath Physician and will spend five days working with you. I will guide you through the practices of meditation, whole foods preparation, new health affirming habits, and medically researched health assessment tools to enhance your understanding of your unique body and its needs. In addition you will learn about your body’s complex hormonal system and how it responds to both stress and aging.

This 5 day retreat will provide you with a new foundation for your health going forward that is in alignment with your lifestyle and your particular needs.


We’ve chosen Mountain Waters for its beauty, tranquility, and nature based setting.  The Retreat Centre is located 10 minutes from Nelson BC.  It’s the perfect place to come for deep learning and restoration plus the late summer in the Kootenays is glorious, with warm days and early fall colours.


This retreat is for you If…..Mountain waters retreat - woman-in-grass

  • you feel burnt out and overworked
  •  You are so busy that you hardly have time to identify, let alone change  self limiting habits
  •  you crave more time for your self to yourself to rediscover what is important and how to better meet your needs
  • You’d like more time being active in nature, and an opportunity to renew your creative juice
  •  You are looking for some professional guidance on how to make  the health changes you know are important in your life


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this retreat is for you.

The program is designed to awaken your senses, deepen your relaxation, push-up on your capacity for exercise and fun, and all this coupled with deep learning . You’ll be nourished with garden grown healthy gourmet meals, morning yoga classes, nature immersion, Art & Creativity teachings, plus personalized health coaching.  Daily Wellness workshops will take place at the  retreat centre, within a schedule that allows for daily outings to some of the special places in the Nelson area.


We’ll partake in:

  • beach walks and a picnic
  • hikes in West Arm Provincial Park
  • a nature walk led by a local foraging expert
  • bicycling on a rail trail to an exquisite beach that has no vehicle access
  • an outdoor farm to table dinner
  • paddling on Majestic Kootenay lake


Each day has a theme that is explored through daily workshops and break-out sessions. The themes are interconnected and build on each other daily so that you emerge with a tangible plan at the end of the retreat.

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Teaching workshops:

  • Intro to contemplative practices & cultivating mindfulness
  • Adrenal Stress, hormonal heath & pathways to restoration
  • Enhancing vitality through whole foods & and the role of supplementation
  • The value of exercise & creating a plan that’s right for your body and lifestyle


A Sample day:

  • Wake to the sounds of the mountain waters
  • Yoga
  • Breakfast
  • Workshop with Katherine Oldfield
  • Lunch
  • Daily outdoor excursion guided by Laura Adams, ACMG guide.
  • Afternoon workshop, art lesson or free time
  • Dinner
  • Free time or evening fire circle


All meals and activities, including equipment rentals and fees for instructors and guides are included in the price. Not included are snacks, meals you require outside of what is provided, and alcoholic beverages. For our US participants please note that prices listed are in Canadian funds, US dollar amounts will generally be 20-25% less.

22424516_10154976887482045_6100782053614085853_o Dr Oldfield will be joined by Laura Adams, who is a well known professional ACMG guide and international explorer. Laura has spent her adult life exploring remote landscapes around the globe. In the past year she has completed four expeditions to the Arctic exploring the west coast of Greenland, sailing through the North-West Passage, supporting a

team of scientists researching the Arctic Archipelago, and skiing among the big walls of Baffin Island.


Katherine Oldfield
Dr Katherine Oldfield is a Washington State native and medical director of The West Seattle Naturopathic Clinic. She completed her undergraduate degree at University of Washington and attended…
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