• Private room – CAD $1,225.00
  • Private with ensuite – CAD $1,350.00
  • Shared Cabins – CAD $1,075.00
  • Camping – CAD $975.00

Date & Time Details: Check in 4pm July 19th 2019 and check out 12 noon July 24th 2019

Location: Mountain Waters Retreat

Address: 2129 Svoboda Rd Nelson BC

Yogita Bouchard

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The Pilgrimage Within

With Sharon Abbondanza and Yogita Bouchard

May 13 - 18, 2020


The Pilgrimage Within: A  Journey into the Heart of Being

A Women’s pilgrimage is a step by step journey toward a deeper reverent relationship with ourselves, and the  living world that surrounds and supports us. It is an intention to turn inward and return to our essential and loving selves.

During this sacred time you may notice more clearly what stands in the way of your reverence for life, where you disconnect from yourself or others. You will learn to follow the breadcrumbs back through the forest to the place where  Clarissa Pinkola Estes reminds us, “Within every woman there is a wild and creative creature, a powerful force filled with good instincts, passionate creativity and ageless knowing.”

Woman praying and free bird enjoying nature on sunset background, hope conceptA Journey of this kind often starts with a longing………

What inspires you to join us at this time ?

Are there particular life circumstances that you need to more deeply reflect upon, and could use help in navigating ?

What is the growing edge that is calling to you ?


This July, join Sharon and Yogita for 5 days  to relinquish the busyness of day to day concerns so that you may reconnect to the wild and wise one within. Drawing on  decades of experience and expertise holding, caring for and being women, they weave together a beautiful, strong and safe container to support  your unique movement back to that part of you that holds a reverence for life. Through movement, silence, inquiry, creative process, yoga and ritual, we shall open up to fully feel our lives from the inside. A circle of women reflects something back to each one of us about what it means to Belong… to live fully with ourselves and others.


“This retreat revived my soul; it’s like my heart has been hugged, and sang to for 5 days.”Azmina BC

GLUNS_171026_2065No matter what your stage of life , The Pilgrimage Within involves a return to who and what you are in new expansive way. A circle of women is an ancient medicine to share, reflect, and empower each other.

To welcome the mystery, and illuminate the shadow.

In the beauty and stillness of Mountain Waters Retreats, we can naturally open to who we are in essence.

Join us and slow down, so that you may access the deep well of wisdom inside you. Be renewed through morning meditation, invigorating vinyasa yoga practice and reflective writing. Integration will be facilitate through somatic practices of body awareness  that connect heart and soul.  Through movement and ritual there will be opportunity to attend to our losses and grieve nourished by both sisterhood and silence.


A beautiful senior mexican woman smiling in natureThis retreat is one of the most loving gifts you can offer yourself.


A pilgrimage is an intentional step into a bigger trust that life holds us in her embrace. Yogita and Sharon have decided to join you in that  bigger trust. The pricing for this years Retreat covers accommodation and meals only,  and payment for their teaching and facilitation of this program will be done according to the Buddhist practice of Dana. Each participant is asked to give payment for teachings in accordance with what she has received from this experience and in the spirit of generosity. As a dear friend has suggested “Thank you Robert Beatty”. Give until your heart feels full. Decide what is a comfortable gift and then give a little more in order to stretch one’s capacity of letting go.


Under their guidance and superb organization, I was though methods in which to deal with the difficult aspects of life. In an atmosphere of respect all women participated in rituals that celebrated our lives. There experience was invaluable and transformative. I continue to use to this day the tools I learned and received.” P.D. from BC.

“This retreat was the most meaningful experience of my life. The magic created in these few days was palpable. I have found the courage and learned lifelong tools to heal and navigate the flow of life. Thank you for such transformative experience, for such heart and thought was put into this and it showed immensely.” Mia from BC

“This retreat was way more then I expected. My heart has been opened wide, my feet are grounded, I am walking taller on the earth and I bless everything in my life.”

“This retreat was a great opportunity for Unplugging and giving time for self examination and learning self care. Sharing with women is so conformational.” Sandy from BC. Woman's Way - Sweat Lodge

“I have been so touched by the whole experience;tremendous willingness from both Sharon and Yogita to be vulnerable, share ancient teachings in a pertinent way, allow things to unfold in harmony with the group.Create a safe space for the group to share authentically. The experience was enriching, deeply moving and transformative. Thank you Thank you.” Azmina BC

“I felt safe to share with other women and be open and learn and grow in ways not expected or planned. Yogita is gentle, rich in experiential knowledge;it was a privilege to gain insight from her teachings. Sharon is a grounded inspired teacher; I am grateful to learn from her. The setting is beautiful and I know I will value this retreat for a long time to come. ” Sarah AB




Sharon Abbondanza
Sharon Abbondanza’s has a thriving private yoga therapy practice in Vancouver and brings empathy and insight to the journey of integration. She teaches group classes, various workshops and trainings…
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Yogita Bouchard
Yogita brings presence and passion to her work with others. She has a private practice offering counselling, Somatic Relational Therapy and Massage in Nelson BC. She facilitates couples retreats…
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