Offered by Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat on the basis of dāna, or generosity practice.

Date & Time Details: Please arrive by 7:15 am. As this is a ceremony, latecomers will not be able to join.

Location: Mountain Waters Retreat Centre

Address: From downtown Nelson, follow the signs East toward Balfour and HWY 3A. Two blocks before the Orange Bridge over the Kootenay River you will see a Husky Service Station (on the corner of Nelson Ave and Elwyn St.) Take a right on Elwyn St and travel uphill, passing the 10th Street Campus of Selkirk College on the left just before Elwyn turns to a dirt road. Continue up Elwyn another 100 meters, past two corners until you reach a T intersection. Take a left onto Svoboda Road at the intersection and continue up Svoboda for a little more than two kilometers until you reach Mountain Waters. Follow the signs for Mountain Waters printed with our Logo, and you will be looking for a left hand driveway into the Retreat Centre parking area just off a sharp right hand corner. Please note that Svoboda Road is a narrow and steep mountain road, one lane wide in a few sections, so use caution and watch for other vehicles and pedestrians.


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Black Tara Empowerment

With Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat

May 20, 2019

This empowerment and blessing is open to the public. If not attending the retreat, RSVP here!

We invite you to participate in this ritual where the Lama’s, Doug and Catherine, will share and water the seed of strength and healing within, so that you can call on and embody this archetype in your life. If this is your first experience, just let us know and we’ll guide you.

What are the benefits of the practice of Tara?

In contemporary parlance we’d say Tara supports us as we transcend unwholesome states and integrate psychological shadow material. You can learn more about the practice of Tara below.

The following are some of the benefits traditionally associated with the Tara practice:

Has the power to dispel poisons such as toxic unwholesome states of being

Guards us from both mental and physical dis-ease

Dispels conflict, including unpleasant dreams

Liberates “hosts of troublesome spirits” and “raised corpses”


Why Black Tara?

Black Tara performs the enlightened activity of wrath. This involves using energetic methods to accomplish enlightened purposes when they cannot be accomplished through other means. This will support us in current and future endeavours to unearth our golden and dark shadows.




Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat
Dharma Teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat teach meditation and act as spiritual mentors to students internationally and at their retreat center in BC, Canada.  Having lived overseas…
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