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2020 African Shamanic Retreats

With Bette Corsan

April 13 - 16, 2020

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This African Shamanic Retreat can help you deal with and  overcome a number of challenges, such as anxiety, self control, fears, health problems, unhappiness, anger, depression, finances, relationships, thought patterns, career choices, sexual problems and work/stress issues.
Providing you are taking responsibility for your own healing, and through this work’s ability to reset the neuroplasticity, you can have the ability to reprogram your own brain.
The mind works in patterns, based on networks of neurons. Each habit forms a pattern, and these patterns become rigid or infexible over time, especially when they are connected to unresolved trauma.
With this work cognition becomes more flexible,  and you have better control over your own thoughts, moods and behaviours.
bwiti paintingThis work can also connect you with your ancestors and your soul. Learn to develop a more loving relationship with yourself and others, through the tradition called Bwiti. Through controlling more consciously what is going on in your head, you can live a happy, healthy life in alignment with mind, body and soul.
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Bette is a Bwiti Healer, Initiated into the Missoko branch. She has a deep passion for her work and over
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She is lovingly assisted with a team of caregivers.
We offer you a safe, comfortable healing experience.
 Please join us in a small group for this offering in a safe, comfortable and inviting space.
Bette is interested in community building, and realises that not everyone can afford the normal rates for three day sessions that typically range from $2500 USD to $3500 USD for 3 days.

She loves Nelson, and the community there, as well as having a great team of people to help her at Mountain Waters Retreats, so she is able to offer this African Shamanic retreat experience at a greatly reduced rate of $2000 CAD for 3 days and $3500 CAD for 6 days.

Medical Tests are recommended, as a precaution, to ensure that your heart and liver are working well. This is mandatory if you are over 40 yrs. old, however, these sessions are not drug detoxes, so the protocols are a little different. The tests are recommended, but if you are under 40, have a healthy lifestyle, avoid pharmaceuticals,  it will not be mandatory to have the tests. For more information, please contact bettecorsan@gmail.com. The booking deposit can be made at any time, however, if you are having the tests done, it is recommended that you do that first, as the booking deposit is non-refundable.

Please note that if you wish to join for both journey the cost is $3500 and Early Bird Discount until Jan 15th 2020. $200 for one retreat and $300 for 2 retreats



Bette Corsan
Her passion for the last 7 1/2 years has been to help people to heal themselves with Iboga. In 2017, she was a speaker at the European Iboga…
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