• Private room – CAD $675.00
  • Private with ensuite – CAD $750.00
  • Shared Cabins – CAD $585.00
  • Camping – CAD $500.00

Date & Time Details: Participants can be expected to arrive sometime between 4.00-6.00 PM on Friday September the 11th. The Retreat will close after lunch on Monday September the 14th

Location: Mountain Waters Retreat Centre

Address: 2109 Svoboda road Nelson BC

Richard Klein

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Men and the Water of Life

With Richard Klein

September 11 - 14, 2020

 Men and the Water of Life

There is a time in the life of most men when replenishment is needed. When the water of life, the sense of vitality, of enthusiasm, and purpose has dried up and gone underground.

Close up portrait of senior man wearing cap looking away. Mature man with beard sitting in woods on a summer day.This gets called a midlife “crisis”, but in reality it’s a time of transition that arrives in most men’s lives when a significant relationship ends, when career paths change, illness hits, or when we feel a lack of direction and purpose.  A transition between who we’ve learned to be, and the potential inside us of what is yet to come.


We will come together to learn from, inspire and empower each other. Together we will hold two central themes :

  • How  do we turn toward and change what blocks the flow of life in each one of us?
  • What does a Generative form of Masculinity look like in our day and age?  Where we give shape to what it means as men to grow in our relationships, to be in our bodies in a healthy way,  to cultivate our inner life and give back to our communities?

We will sit in a circle as men have done through the ages. We will listen to each others stories,  and enter into restorative conversations about creative work, healthy sexuality, being with difficulty, and the hunger many men feel for the fathering they may not have received.hands circle

Yoga and breathing meditation will be used as means to come more fully into our bodies, to feel the space inside ourselves that holds our inner authority and room for the transcendent.

We will sit on the earth in a sweat ceremony and connect with nature. Our three days together will give you a taste of what brings back the Water of Life and with it, the life affirming vitality and purposefulness that is the true gift of men.

This three day men’s retreat will be facilitated by Richard Klein and assisted by Kirkland Shave. There will be workshop teachings, ritual, restorative time in nature, and space for each participant to both give to and recieve from this Circle of Men.iStock_000009111641Medium

Men’s Retreat includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Garden grown organic meals
  • Workshop teachings and  group talks
  • Breathwork, yoga, meditation
  • Morning lake hikes and swims
  • Earth based perspiration chamber ritual
  • Sound and vibrational healing

For attendees from the Nelson area, commuters pricing is available


richard_01_400Richard Klein: Richard facilitates couples retreats and Mens programs. He is the director of Mountain Waters Retreats and has a private couselling practice in Nelson.  Richard is the father of five adult children   For this men’s retreat, Richard will be focused upon how we can observe and set aside the self-limiting habits embeded in the structure of our personality, that once served to protect, but now  keep us at a distance from the Water of Life and the “aliveness” it represents.



downloadKirkland Shave : Kirkland is a former park ranger, streat  youth outreach worker, who  presently runs an internationaly acclaimed wilderness fitness retreat called Mountain Trek. He has taught  primitive life skills   and will be leading  the men’s perspirati0n chamber ceremony.



Richard Klein
Richard Klein is the director of Mountain Waters Retreats. He is a Body-Centered Therapist with a private practice in Nelson. Richard teaches meditation practice at Mountain Waters and…
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